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Catch The Ghost (2019)


  • Drama: Catch The Ghost (English title)
  • Revised romanization: Yooryungeul Jabara
  • Hangul: 유령을 잡아라
  • Director: Shin Yoon-Sub
  • Writer: So Won, Lee Young-Joo
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: October 21 – December 10, 2019
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:30
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

Plot Synopsis

Yoo-Ryung (Moon Geun-Young) is a rookie detective. Her twin sister with autism has gone missing. To find her sister, Yoo-Ryung applies to the subway police team. Yoo-Ryung has exceptional space perception. She solves cases using her exceptional space perception and strong sense of justice. Her partner detective is often busy cleaning up behind her.


  1. “Catch The Ghost” takes over tvN’s Monday & Tuesday 21:30 time slot previously occupied by “The Great Show” and followed by “Black Dog” on December 16, 2019.
  2. First script reading for tvN drama series “Catch The Ghost.”
  3. First character cuts for tvN drama series “Catch The Ghost.”
  4. Airing of “Catch The Ghost” moved from August, 26, 2019 to October 21, 2019.
  5. First still images of Kim Sun-Ho and Moon Geun-Young in tvN drama series “Catch The Ghost.”


Catch The Ghost-Moon Geun-Young.jpgKim Sun-Ho
Moon Geun-YoungKim Sun-Ho
Yoo RyungKo Ji-Seok
Catch The Ghost-Jung Eugene.jpgCatch The Ghost-Ki Do-Hoon.jpgCatch The Ghost-Jo Jae-Yun.jpgAhn Seung-KyoonLee Joon-Hyuk
Jung EugeneKi Do-HoonJo Jae-YunAhn Seung-KyoonLee Joon-Hyuk
Ha Ma-RiKim Woo-HyeokLee Man-JinKang Soo-HoChief Kong
Catch The Ghost-Song Ok-Suk.jpgCatch The Ghost-Ahn Sang-Woo.jpgCatch The Ghost-Nam Gi-Ae.jpgCatch The Ghost-Kim Jung-Young.jpgSong Sang-Eun
Song Ok-SukAhn Sang-WooNam Gi-AeKim Jung-YoungSong Sang-Eun
Kim Hyeong-JaJeon Won-ChoolHan Ae-SimChoi Kyung-HeePark Mi-Hyun
Catch The Ghost-Park Ho-San.jpgCatch The Ghost-Jung Min-Sung.jpgCatch The Ghost-Yang Hyun-Min.jpgCatch The Ghost-Oh Dae-Hwan.jpgCatch The Ghost-Baek Seo-E.jpg
Park Ho-SanJung Min-SungYang Hyun-MinOh Dae-HwanBaek Seo-E
Choi Do-CheolBaesseu (ep.3-4)Geum-Sik (ep.3)Kim Won-TaeMa Hye-Jin
Han Ji-Sang
Han Ji-Sang
Gu Du-Nam

Additional Cast Members:

  • Yoo Hyung-Gwan – Wangsuri stationmaster
  • Jung Yi-Rang
  • Kim Gun-Woo
  • Choi Min-Chul
  • Min Kyung-Jin
  • Park Ji-Yeon

DOWNLOAD Catch The Ghost EngSub :

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      + Catch The Ghost 8

      + Catch The Ghost 9

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      + Catch The Ghost 12

      + Catch The Ghost 13

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