Checkout BLACKPINK Rosé’s Wholesome Response To Fan’s Question Regarding Gay Rights

LGBT community is a big part of the K-Pop fandom and most of the K-Pop “ships” are also based on imaginary or suspected gay relationships between idols. But the dilemma for the K-Pop idols is that South Korea as a nation is not that open to gay people or relationships. According to Wikipedia, “Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in South Korea face legal challenges and discrimination not experienced by non-LGBT individuals.”

While same-sex relationships between men and women are permitted in South Korea, same-sex partners are not eligible for marriage or other types of legal partnerships. South Korea also does not protect LGBT people from discrimination or outlaw hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation or gender identity.

Therefore, you will rarely see K-Pop idols openly supporting the LGBT community, or even talking about it. If they do it could mean trouble from the citizens of SK.

Rosé is a fan favorite when it comes to gay ships in K-Pop and has been linked with many Korean female artists including Kim Go Eun and Suzy.

The vocalist also recently went viral for her adorable reaction to a lesbian couple who came to see BLACKPINK’s concert.


At the recent BLACKPINK Chicago concert, the singer was asked by a fan is she supports gay rights.

Rosé didn’t directly say yes but she did respond positively, with a smile, a “wooo”, and a “I Love You” hand gesture (sign language), which basically translates to yes.

Fans are happy with the singer’s response, but some feel the question was not necessary considering Rosé’s situation where she could face backlash in Korea for saying yes. “Why always need to presure idols about this? Its not right if she say yes she will be attacked if she say no she will be attacked… these types of question can hurt your idol the most…” a fan wrote. “she’s definitely not allowed to answer that” added another.

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