Checkout Kim Taehyung aka BTS V’s Most Viral Moments

Taehyung, more popularly known as V of BTS, doesn’t need an introduction, for he has a diverse panoply of records and achievements that support his status as the most famous K-Pop idol in the world. V has been able to build a unique, individual following and presence for himself, without even making his debut as a solo artist.

As one of the most recognized Asian celebs in the world, it’s normal for Taehyung to go viral almost every day. Such is his stardom that he doesn’t need to do controversial stuff to remain relevant. It could be just him combing his hand through his hair or just warming the hearts of his fans with a cute smile and his video will have millions of views within hours. Taehyung has been a fan-favorite since the initial days of BTS. He has consistently ranked as the most-searched K-Pop idol on google year after year. In addition, his Wikipedia page is ranked as the most viewed individual celeb page almost every year. The global craze for Kim Taehyung is insane and almost unbelievable, but there’s ample data that supports it.

Taehyung is often going viral and drawing millions of views on Twitter. Sometimes its his visuals, sometimes his vocals, and sometimes the adorable things he does that make him go viral. Checkout V’s most viral moments on social media below:

V of BTS’ Viral Moments

1 – Shirtless Taehyung in the pool:

2 – Taehyung’s high notes in stigma:


3 – Dreamy taehyung:

4 – Cameraman focusing on Taehyung:

5 – Taehyung dancing at a bar:

6 – Taehyung with Olivia Rodrigo:

7 – Taehyung Laughing Meme:

8 – Taehyung Dance Video:

9 – “mullet tae”:

10 – Taehyung X Celine:

Kim Taehyung recently made his fans proud by securing a Daesang (major) nomination at this year’s MAMA. He also recently surpassed 10 million followers on Spotify. And he was the most followed K-Pop soloist on Spotify for the month of October. V is slated to officially debut as a soloist in the coming months.

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