Cherry Bullet Shows Their Plot-Twist-Like Charm With Fresh ‘Love In Space’ Retro Concept


Cherry Bullet has just made their comeback with their second mini-album “Cherry Wish” and title track ‘Love In Space’ on Mar. 2. Members HaeYoon, YuJu, BoRa, JiWon, ReMi, ChaeRin, and May have been receiving praise for their versatility and ability to pull off different concepts. 

The music video for ‘Love In Space’ features a dreamy retro concept that is filled with nostalgic themes and lyrics. The song is about being in a dreamy love that feels otherworldly and like transcending universes.

Fans have been praising the motifs and rhythm of the song, as well as the members’ vocals that seem just as transcendent as their lyrics.

Cherry Bullet Shows Their Plot-Twist-Like Charm With Fresh 'Love In Space' Retro Concept

‘Love In Space’ Screenshot

Cherry Bullet shared that “Cherry Wish” is an album that represents Cherry Bullet achieving their dreams the way that they want to. It adds a new twist to their existing lovely energy. 


‘Love In Space’ has an addictive melody and will make you feel like you are in your own world, in a romantic dream.


You can watch the full video here:


The Cherry Bullet members shared that they are trying out this concept for the first time but it is filled with a lot of performance elements that they hope Lullet (their fandom) will enjoy watching. Member ChaeRin even pointed out that they put extra care into having emotive facial expressions.

It seems that this new concept will show us other sides to Cherry Bullet. Make sure to pay special attention to the tiny details in their comeback performances!

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