Chimera (2021)

Overall: Chimera is a Korean Mystery, Drama (2021). Chimera cast: Park Hae Soo, Lee Hee Joon, Kim Soo Hyun. Chimera Date: 30 October 2021. Chimera Episodes: 16.

Chimera Detail

Drama: Chimera (2021)
Network: OCN
Director: Kim Do Hoon
Writer: Lee Jin Mae
Main Stars: Park Hae Soo, Lee Hee Joon, Kim Soo Hyun
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 30 October 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 30 October 2021-19 December 2021
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 16
Also Known As: Kemiseuteuli, 케미스트리, Chemistry, Kimaila, Chimaera, 키마이라, Chimera 2021

Chimera Synopsis and Plot Summary

In 1984, a potential serial killer struck once more as a ghastly explosion shook the city. Now it’s 2019, and copies of those crimes come to light. Follow the team of Detective Jae Wan, Profiler Yoo Jin, and Surgeon Dr. Joong Yeob assigned to solve both the bloodless and current instances. Their high suspect is going by way of ‘Chimera’, after the beast in Greek mythology. It had the pinnacle of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a fireplace-respiration serpent.

To seize the crook, they ought to first discover the secrets and techniques that link the 2 instances some thirty-five years aside. Could the clue lie in the tale of the mythical monster?

Chimera Cast

Park Hae Soo as Cha Jae Hwan
Kim Soo Hyun as Eugene Hathaway
Lee Hee Joon as Lee Joong Yeop
Cha Joo Young as Kim Hyo Kyung Reporter
Jung Young Ki as Im Pil Seong Violent Crimes Team
Kim Ji Hoon as Jo Han Cheol Violent Crimes Team
Yoon Ji Won as Jang Ha Na Special Investigation Team
Kwon Hyuk Hyun as Lee Kun Young Special Investigation Team
Heo Jun Seok as Go Kwang Soo Head, Special Investigation Team
Woo Hyun as Bae Seung Gwan Police Chief, Seoul Jungsan Police Station
Kim Kwi Seon as Lee Min Ki Lee Hwa Jeong’s brother
Kim Ho Jung as Lee Hwa Jeong Chairman, Seoryun Hospital
Lee Gi Young as Seo Hyun Tae Chairman, Seoryun Group
Nam Ki Ae as Cha Eun Soo Jaehyun’s mom
Park Byung Wook as Site manager
Kang Shin Il as Han Joo Seok
Yeom Dong Hun as Son Wan Ki
Kim Seung Hyun as Illegal gambling guest
Kong Hyun Ji as Nurse
Im Chul Soo as Hong Young Sjik Criminal
Shin Min Jae as Kang Ho Dong Criminal
Lee Seung Hee as Wan Ki’s mistress
Yoon Jong Goo as Gambling house man
Yoo Sang Hoon as Gambling house security
Seo Young Hwa as Gambling house shaman
Ryu Tae Ho as Medical examiner
Lee Gyu Bok as Kang Sang Gu Fireman
Uhm Hye Soo as Nurse
Oh Jin Ha as Nurse
Kang Chul Sung as Doctor
Heo Hyung Kyu as KCSI investigator
Kim Sa Hun as Reporter
Kang Sang Won as Lee Sang Woo
Kim Hyo Myung as Han Joo Seok Young
Ju Ho as Detective
Kwon Hyuk Bum as Detective
Heo Seon Haeng as Jang Soo Jin
Park Yong as Lee Sun Ho
Bae Gi Beom as Policeman
Kim Jeong Hak as Young Joon Manager
Lee Jae Eun as Ms. Jang
Song Kyung Eui as Park In Sang
Kim Do Shin as Choi Jong Ho
Lee Joo Won as Lee Joong Yeop Young
Min Dae Shik as Executive
Jang Joon Ho as Executive
Ok Joo Ri as Joo Seok’s landlord
Kim Sang Il as Legal department executive
Yoon Hee Won as Hospital attorney
Shim Young Min as Park Sung Hwa
Sung Hyun Mi as Convenience store owner
Shin Mi Young as Adoption records employee
Lee Seung Hun as Hahm Yong Bok
Lee Chae Min as Jung Soon Jung
Han Ji Wan as Ryu Sung Hee
Yoo Se Rye as Nurse
Park Young Bok as Child support client
Choi Hong Il as Kim Hyung Guk
Lee Shi Hoon as Seo Hyun Tae Young
Yoon Hyo Sik as Macheon Community Center staff
Lee Se Rang as Orphanage staff
Ju Min Chan as Paramedic
Jo Nam Hee as Doctor
Jo Seung Yun as Hanmyung University professor
Ahn Sung Gun as Pyo Ji Sung
Park Min Young as Employee
Kwon Tae Jin as Materials management staff
Kim Kyung Min as Mr. Moon
Jang Tae Min as Lee Min Ki Young / Prosecutor
Lee Hae Woon as Kim Hyung Guk Young / Attorney
Kim Byung Chul as Prosecutor
Lee Jin Kwon as Prosecutor
Son Dong Hwa as Na Hyung Joon
Park Jung Min as EOD member

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Chimera Trailer

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