Chopped Blind Date Where Are They Now, Chopped TV Show Favourite Winners Where Are They Now

Chopped TV Show 

The chopped TV show is an American reality-based cooking show. The show was created by Michael Krupat, Dave Noll and Linda Lea. Ted Allen was the host of the show. The series puts four chefs in competition against each other for a chance to win 10,000 USD. The series came out in 2009 and the episodes aired every Tuesday on Food Network. There was a spin-off of the show Chopped Sweets which came out in 2020. The show had Scott Conant as the host. 

Chopped Blind Date Where Are They Now?

There is no information on where they are now. When more information becomes available this article will be updated. The chopped competition had three rounds where the contestants were asked to make an appetizer, main and dessert. Food Network said, “An aquatic aphrodisiac is a fun find in the appetizer basket, and steak in the entree basket takes the date up a notch. Finally, the last two pairs work passionately to create passionfruit and matcha desserts that earn them the $10,000 prize,” The competitors of the show teamed up in a sort of blind date. 

Chopped TV Show Favourite Winners 

The following are the favourites of the show and where they are now: 

Mario Tolentino 

Mario Tolentino used ingredients like frog legs, malta and scotch. His skill in the kitchen was evident and he did very well. When the show was over she moved to San Francisco. He is now the executive chef at Curio. His “blend of California farm to table freshness and southern low country cuisine” had made the spot a favourite. 

Gavin Jobe 

Louisiana’s Gavin Jobe found out he was going to be cooking on chopped and was very excited. He was a fan of Brow’s cook show and now he was going to be cooking for him. The episode was set around the technique of smoking. When he won the competition he went back to Covington LA. he went back to working in Meribo, an Italian restaurant. He then opened a second branch in New Orleans. 

Tanya Cauthen 

Tanya Cauthen has honed her butchers skill in restaurants in Switzerland. She also worked in Australia before she came back to America. She came to chop for the indoor grilling challenge. She competed in the challenge without access to an oven, fryer and microwave. She eventually won the competition with her crepes. She now co-hosts Grrls Meat Camp, a butcher boot camp for women.  


Brooke Siem 

Brooke Siem used chocolate to display her culinary skills. She won the chocolate obsession episode of chopped. She made wine in Long Island and started her own bakery. She has also released her own cookbook. Now she has moved on to helping people with mental health issues find the right course of treatment. 


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