Chrisfix Face Reveal, Has Chrisfix Done A Face Reveal?

Chrisfix Face Reveal

ChrisFix is an American Youtuber born on 4 July 1996, and he lives in Tennent, New Jersey, United States. His youtube channel is the world’s largest automotive DIY channel. He started his channel to help people learn how to fix the car, which could help them save up money or even start as a hobby. ChrisFix has been posting his step-by-step videos every 10days gap. His main goal is to clear the ‘how to’ kinds of questions. He has 8.72 million subscribers for his youtube channel. ChrisFix Youtube channel also received Silver Creator Award and Gold Creator Award. 

Has Chrisfix Done A Face Reveal?

No, he has not revealed his face till now. Instead, he won millions of hearts through his ‘how to’ DIY videos. He hides his face with a helmet in his videos and photos. In an interview, even he was seen his head down till the end. ChrisFix has not been revealing his face to his fans and followers. 

Why Doesn’t He Show His Face?

It seems ChrisFix needs his privacy on track than revealing it to others. Chrisfix has never revealed his face, even in his DIY videos. He wants his content to be more admired than his face. Not only his face but also his identity has been private. ChrisFix, the YouTuber, has been hiding his face for over 14years.

Here is the recent videos of Chrisfix on his Youtube Channel What happened to the LEMONS BMW video.

Chrisfix Wiki

ChrisFix started his Youtube channel on 30 July 2008. Ever since he has been uploading videos about fixing car-related DIY videos, his main goal behind the channel is to help people learn how to fix the car to save up money. He received the Creator Silver award from Youtube, and later, he received the Gold Creator award as well. ChrisFix also has merchandise of T-shirts with his name. 

Specifications Details
Real Name Chris Magello
Age 25 years old
Date of Birth 4 July 1996
Birth Place Tennent, New Jersey, United States
Education Not Available
Occupation Automotive Youtuber
Parents Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Subscribers 8.72 Million
Networth $2 – $5 Million

Chrisfix Age

Chrisfix was born on 4 July 1996 in New Jersey, United States. He is 25 years old. Though his interest and love are for oceanography, later, he started to upload videos of car repairs as a full-time job, which became famous among the viewers.


Chrisfix Net Worth

ChrisFix’s networth is estimated to be $2 – $5 Million, according to Net Worth Spot. The source of income for Chrisfix might come from the Youtube channel, advertising products, sponsorships, or even commissions. 

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