Christopher Hill Salon Where Are They Now, Is Christopher Hill Salon Closed?

Christopher Hill Salon

Tim and Byk started a salon eighteen months before the show started. They had no experience with running a salon and had no idea what they were doing. They assumed that their MBA and corporate background would be enough to run their business. The pair also had no respect for the hairdressers and for the industry, so they are driving their staff away. Tabatha comes over to firstly, explain to them how to treat their staff and secondly to bring them back down to earth. 


Image Source: Bravo TV

Christopher Hill Salon Where Are They Now

Unfortunately, Christopher Hill Salon is now shut down. There is no information on where they are or what they are doing now. The salon was brought back to life for a little while but they were struggling too much to keep afloat for long. Tim and Alexis Byk, took over the salon only a year and a half before they needed help. When more information becomes available this article will be updated. 


Image Source: Bravo TV


Tabatha Takes Over

Tabatha Takes Over is an American reality show from Bravo. Tabatha Coffey helps failing salons turn around. The series premiered on August 21st in 2008. The show is produced by Reveille Productions. In March 2011, Bravo announced that the fourth season would be named Tabatha Takes Over. Season four came out in 2012. The final season came out in April 2012. 


Tabatha Takes Over Format 

Tabatha Takes Over starts with Tabatha meeting the owners of the businesses she plans on taking over. In the first three seasons these were only hair salons. In the fourth season, the businesses included a gay bar, frozen yoghurt parlour and a doggie daycare facility. In each case Tabatha converses with the owners and goes over surveillance tapes. Then she will demand the keys to the business and she takes over. At the end of the second day, when she has finished her interviews and assessments, she meets the owners and tells them everything that needs to be changed. The renovation then happens on the third day. After a few weeks, she comes back to check on how the business is doing.


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