City of Streamer – Jing Tian, Timmy Xu


City of Streamer is a suspense romantic drama directed by Jin Chen and Gan Lu, starring Jing Tian and Xu Wei Zhou, co-starring Jing Chao and Hai Ling, Chi Jia.

The drama is based on the novel of the same title by Mi Bao, it tells the story of a thoughtful private teacher, who is carefully planning to get close to her enemies, while at the same time, the male lead, who seems to be set up by her but has the same high intelligence, comes online.


City of Streamer

English Title: City of Streamer
Chinese Title: 流光之城
Genre: Romance, Suspense
Episodes: 45
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Jin Chen, Gan Lu
Producer: Wu Ruoyan
Product Company: Ciwen Media, Impact Media, ZFM, Yuanchun Media
Broadcasting Website: WeTV
Released Date: January 20, 2022


Jing Chao Jing Chao as Meng Xu’an
Hai Ling Hai Ling as Du Lanxin
Chi Jia Chi Jia as Yang Xiucheng
Wang Yifei Wang Yifei as Xiao Baoli
Mi Mi Mi Mi as Hashimoto Shiori
Ma Wenyuan Ma Wenyuan as Wu Yunchi


In the early twentieth century, Shanghai was under the rule of warlords and revolutionary thinking was on the rise. The Rong family was rich but unkind, committing many heinous crimes.

In order to do justice, Feng Shizhen embarks on the road of revenge. She successfully goes undercover to the Rong family and becomes the tutor of Rong Jiashang.


Then, a game that stirs up the fate of all the characters unfolds. However, as fate would have it, Feng Shizhen and her enemy Rong Jiashang, son of Rong Dingkun, grow to know and love each other through mutual temptation.


When the old grudge of more than twenty years ago surfaced, these two lovers, who belonged to different parties, broke through layers of obstacles and joined forces to uncover the shocking truth, exposing Rong Dingkun’s demonic façade to the world.

In the end, sins are punished, the light of justice is restored, and Feng Shizhen and Rong Jiasheng have a love affair out of love but better than love. Under the baptism of revolutionary thinking, they finally embarked on the road of pursuing light and ideal together.


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