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Since their establishment in 1970 as an expansion team, the Cleveland Cavaliers have had what one calls a roller coaster run in the NBA. Ready to face their greatest rivals this upcoming season, the team continues to keep its fans up on their feet and high in hopes. While waiting for the thrilling game days to arrive, fans can opt for Cleveland Cavaliers courtside tickets for an unmatched experience. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers compete as an Eastern Conference Central Division member in the National Basketball Association. They were formed along with the Buffalo Braves and Portland Trail Blazers in 1970 and first played their home games at the Cleveland arena. The team later moved to Richfield Coliseum, where they played from 1974 to 1994. 

How To Buy Cleveland Cavaliers Courtside Tickets 

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Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse at 1 Center Court, Cleveland, Ohio, has served as home to the team since 1994. As fans plan to see the season games in person, those who want to get the ultimate game experience can pick Cleveland Cavaliers courtside tickets online. 


The team struggled initially, losing its first fifteen games and securing only the 6th spot in the Eastern Conference in its first five seasons. Cleveland Cavaliers bagged their first division title and made it to the playoffs for the first time in 1976. Since then, they have won one championship title, five conference titles, and seven division titles.

The Cavs have maintained a rivalry with the Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls for decades. It is always a hard-to-miss event when they face each other on the court. While watching the games from anywhere is fine, Cleveland Cavaliers courtside tickets can offer some exciting perks that elevate the whole experience. 

Graced by top players like Ochai Agbaji, Darius Garland, Lauri Markkanen, Raul Neto, Lamar Stevens, RJ Nembhard, and Dylan Windler, among many others, the Cleveland Cavaliers are prepared for another auspicious season. Fans planning to see the games from the best spots can get Cleveland Cavaliers courtside tickets.

As the name suggests, courtside seats in a basketball court are located in the area surrounding the actual court. They provide fans the closest view of the action plus a few different amenities that further improves the game-watching experience. So it’s not just cushioned seats we’re talking about!

Courtside seats are those just behind the players’ benches, where fans have their feet touching the court floor. Although there are a few rules to be followed and a hefty amount to be paid, they are some of the most desired seats due to several reasons, the number one being close to the players. 

While purchasing Cleveland Cavaliers courtside tickets, fans can also enjoy additional perks, like access to suites and special clubs, designated parking spots, complimentary food and drinks, and more. Sitting courtside is a huge deal because it brings you closer to all the action you paid the tickets for!

Fans can hear conversations between coaches, players, and referees and witness exciting moments that cannot be seen or heard from any other seat in the venue. Oftentimes, many expect to appear on the big screen and TV! It is, overall, an exciting moment for huge fans of the Cavs.

While getting courtside seats, it is important to remember and strictly follow some rules. Fans are not allowed to touch the ball, throw things on the court, verbally or physically abuse referees, players, and coaches, or indulge in game brawls. Some trash talk might be allowed, but nothing too indecent to spoil the game fun for everybody!

While people sitting courtside are usually famous or wealthy, or both, getting Cleveland Cavaliers courtside tickets isn’t impossible for “normal” fans! Many a times, teams invite celebrities and offer them courtside seats to gain fame and more recognition. On the other hand, you can also see families of the team members, coaches, and referees taking the courtside seats.

Interested fans can purchase courtside tickets online through the NBA official website, the venue’s site, or reliable ticketing platforms. Limited in nature, these tickets are often the priciest, yet have the highest demand. Securing one takes dedication and agility.

Since courtside seats are some of the most sought-after spots in an NBA game, booking them early is crucial. Although expensive, the perks and amenities packed in these tickets make them worth the buy, especially while watching your favorite NBA team get in action.

It’s time to witness the live-action on the court when the Cavs make their way through to the finals led by star coach J. B. Bickerstaff and robust players like Jarrett Allen, Ed Davis, Darius Garland, and Evan Mobley. Get your Cleveland Cavaliers courtside tickets today and prepare for the most exciting live NBA events.

How Much Are Cleveland Cavaliers Courtside Tickets? 

The price of Cleveland Cavaliers courtside tickets start at around $710 and can go as high as $5000, depending on a host of factors. It changes from game to game based on where the game is held, who the Cavs are playing against, whether it is a weekday or weekend game, and if they are playing the postseason games. 

Sitting courtside comes at an expensive price, but fans might be able to snag good deals on these premium tickets by comparing different places. Since many ticketing sites offer them, one might want to check the prices on a few of them to get the best one.

How To Buy Cheap Cleveland Cavaliers Courtside Seats? 

Purchasing cheap Cleveland Cavaliers courtside seats might not be as hard as you think as they are available online. There’s no need to worry about going to places physically to purchase these highly coveted tickets. One can simply look online to find the team, venue, or NBA’s official site to get the preferred tickets. 

A host of reliable ticketing sites on the secondary market also offer tickets to the games at attractive prices. So, do check them out to find your most suitable options. Delaying isn’t ideal when it comes to securing courtside tickets to your favorite team’s games, as many other fans might be looking for the same.

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