Closer to You Episode 1 Recap

Wu Jinghao, the director of the First Surgeon of the First People’s Hospital, had just come down from one operation, and things all came up one after another. The patients all wanted Wu Jinghao to perform the operation for themselves. Wu Jinghao immediately agreed that even if it was in conflict with the medical innovation exchange meeting, the door was just pushed forward. A female patient came out loudly and refused to be treated. Wu Jinghao stepped forward to frighten the girl. The girl received treatment but was noisy and complained to Wu Jinghao. Wu Jinghao did not care.

At this time, her sister called again to arrange for a blind date. Wu Jinghao was not willing to hang up on the pretext of being busy with the hospital, and then went to see the female patient who had just been brought in. The female patient was getting enough milk. When Wu Jinghao saw it, she deliberately refused to let her get it and encouraged the female patient to take care of the wounds. In order to complain to myself, seeing the female patient like a hedgehog, Wu Jinghao could n’t help but think of Han Fei transferred from high school. When Wu Jinghao was bullied by some classmates in high school and could n’t think of committing suicide by jumping off the building, Han Fei stopped Wu Jinghao.

Wu Jinghao was blamed on it, but it was actually for Wu Jinghao’s idea. Wu Jinghao was moved by Han Fei. Jumping off the building, but life is still the same and worse. Once again, Wu Jinghao met Han Fei when he wanted to jump off the building. Han Fei encouraged Wu Jinghao to beat his classmate Ma Juntao, but Wu Jinghao did not dare to say that Han Fei did not understand, Han Fei decided Helping Wu Jinghao to find Ma Juntao to avenge Wu Jinghao, Han Fei took off Ma Juntao’s pants in public and then pulled Wu Jinghao away, Wu Jinghao was very grateful to Han Fei.

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Wu Jinghao wanted to give Han Fei a gift, but Han Fei was still like a hedgehog. Wu Jinghao did not send the gift out, and when Han Fei was sweeping downstairs, Wu Jinghao lost water polo to Han Fei due to Ma Juntao’s coercion, Wu Jinghao was in a hurry Going downstairs to apologize to Han Fei, but Han Fei just said that Wu Jinghao was a fool and left. However, after that day, Han Fei did not come to school again. Wu Jinghao saw Han Fei outside the school only once. Han Fei was going to the hospital. Wu Jinghao took a taxi and saw Han Fei wanted to stop to help her, but the taxi driver told Wu Jinghao that it would be too late if he went to the hospital. After the exam, Han Fei immediately pushed Wu Jinghao into the taxi and let the driver drive. The next day Wu Jinghao learned that Han Fei was dead in the class. Wu Jinghao felt very sad that it was his fault.

Wu Jinghao and his brother-in-law Zhang Fan were drinking together. The reason why Wu Jinghao was bullied by Ma Juntao was because Wu Jinghao accidentally hit Zhang Jun with Zhang Fan ’s notebook in high school. Since then, Wu Jinghao ’s nightmare began and Zhang Fan was afraid of being known by Ma Juntao He and Wu Jinghao are good friends hiding from him everywhere. Zhang Fan called Wu Jinghao to go to a classmate’s party together. Wu Jinghao didn’t plan to go.

Zhang Fan teased that Wu Jinghao and Han Fei didn’t come. Han Fei had already forgotten himself, but Wu Jinghao began to close his mouth as soon as he drank too much. Han Jinghao ’s sister was very dissatisfied with the drunkenness of the two and accused the two. Wu Jinghao just wanted to go and was arrested by her sister. Wu Jinghao began to recall the past with Han Fei. My sister couldn’t bear Wu Jinghao living in the past and was very angry. Zhang Fan was talking to Wu Jinghao beside him. As a result, the single man who accidentally said the fastest lived. The sister immediately quarreled with Zhang Fan. Wu Jinghao The two suspected that they were too noisy. They left, walked, and Wu Jinghao entered a bar that was about to close.

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The bar owner seemed to have something to worry about. Wu Jinghao invited the bar owner to drink together. The two of them were drinking and suddenly the bar went out of power. The boss went to check. Wu Jinghao was also ready to help. As a result, he kicked the baggage packed by the boss. Wu Jinghao found that there was Korean in it. Fei ’s diary, Wu Jinghao could n’t believe it. The radio on the side suddenly sounded a song from ten years ago. Wu Jinghao said his heart and wanted to return to it ten years ago. The light just after the speech attracted Wu Jinghao and Han Fei. Actually passing the door, Wu Jinghao hurriedly chased out, Wu Jinghao chased Han Fei to a door, Han Fei entered with a smile, Wu Jinghao followed.

When Wu Jinghao opened his eyes again, he found that he had returned to ten years ago.

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