Closer to You Episode 2 Recap

Wu Jinghao saw the 18-year-old self in the mirror and yelled in fear. He felt dazed and asked his sister for today ’s newspaper. He repeatedly confirmed that it was March 4, 2009, and Wu Jinghao felt that he was dreaming. He went to school in a daze and saw that Han Fei was still so maverick, so he rushed over and hugged her tightly in his arms, fearing that she would disappear suddenly, Han Fei beat him with a face, Wu Jinghao repeatedly Explain that Han Fei doesn’t listen at all.

Due to the long delay on the road, Wu Jinghao and Han Fei were late for school. Han Fei did not want to be called a parent, so he took Wu Jinghao over the wall. Wu Jinghao helped her over, but he fell on the ground timidly and bruised his forehead. For a small piece, Han Fei returned to bandage him and wrote a Tic Tac Toe on the band-aid so that he would call it Wu Jinghao in the future.

Wu Jinghao secretly vowed to make a change for Han Fei, never to be slaughtered like he used to, and try his best to stop Han Fei from seeking death. Ma Juntao took Chen Bin and Lu Shouyang to Wu Jinghao after class, forcing him to help him with his homework. Wu Jinghao refused to say what he said, but also stopped Ma Juntao, and then left without looking back. Ma Juntao was scared by his sudden change Silly, he automatically gave way, Han Fei couldn’t help but look at Wu Jinghao, and the students were stunned.

Zhang Fan ran as soon as he saw Wu Jinghao throwing his legs, fearing that Ma Juntao would see that Wu Jinghao was chasing after him, Zhang Fan ran back into the classroom in a fright, Han Fei smiled at Wu Jinghao, Wu Jinghao secretly vowed to be a friend with Han Fei, three After months, she was prevented from seeking death.

Han Fei was very worried every day and kept looking at her mobile phone. At the same table, Wang Chutong said that Han Fei influenced her study and was very dissatisfied with Han Fei. Wu Jinghao took the initiative to change seats with Wang Chutong, and an envelope accidentally fell under the chair. Wu Jinghao None of them noticed that Han Fei did not appreciate Wu Jinghao ’s intention to change seats. Wu Jinghao wrote a note to her and asked her to be a friend. Han Fei refused on the spot. When the two of them passed the note, they were caught by class teacher Wu and asked them to Going to the blackboard to do the questions, Wu Jinghao’s mind was blank. Even the simplest question was wrong. Teacher Wu fined them both to clean the gymnasium.

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Han Fei lay on the ball case and listened to music with headphones. Wu Jinghao had to clean the gymnasium so big. Han Fei did not buy it. She insisted that Wu Jinghao was pleased with her. In the morning, she played rogues against her. Wu Jinghao repeatedly shouted injustices, but she did not know How to explain. Han Fei wanted to go home from school, Ma Juntao took Chen Bin and Lu Shouyang to stop her, forced Han Fei to watch him play, Wu Jinghao came in time to siege, and also taught Ma Juntao a meal, the Ma Juntao trio was angered, they chased all the way Fighting Wu Jinghao, Wu Jinghao had to hide in the mail room. Ma Juntao clamored for him to come out to fight. The uncle in the mail room couldn’t be used to Ma Juntao’s style. He punished them fiercely.

Zhang Fan was on duty after school and suddenly saw a letter under Wu Jinghao’s stool with a suicide note in it. Wang Chutong came together curiously. Zhang Fan thought Wu Jinghao was very strange today and hurried out to find him. It was getting dark, and the uncle in the mail room made a bowl of instant noodles for Wu Jinghao. The three-person Ma Juntao was so greedy that he quickly went to find a place to eat.

Zhang Fan could n’t find Wu Jinghao everywhere, he could n’t reach him by phone. He was so anxious that he had to go to Wu Jinghao ’s house and wait for sleep. Wu Yiyi could n’t find his contact lenses everywhere. He suspected that Wu Jinghao had taken it. Shouting him without asking Qinghong in white, I did n’t expect Zhang Fan to sleep on the bed. Wu Yiyi kicked and kicked him without saying anything. Zhang Fan was beaten and his face was swollen, so he had to take out Wu Jinghao ’s suicide note. Too.

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Zhang Fan worried that Wu Jinghao was going to commit suicide and was crying in horror, Wu Yiyi was also anxious, and the two people comforted each other. Wu Jinghao came home late, and Wu Yiyi and Zhang Fan were very excited, holding him tightly and asking warmly. They had their own room, and Wu Jinghao turned over Han Fei ’s diary from under the pillow. Each of them was only a few words, mentioning girlfriends Hong Tunan and Bai Zhenyu, and her cold-blooded father Han Wei. Wu Jinghao could not guess that Han Fei fell to the ground What happened.

At that moment, Han Fei’s diary was shown in her diary book. She recorded Wu Jinghao’s indecent behavior. Wu Jinghao opened the plug and rewrote Han Fei’s diary to help her change her destiny. Wu Jinghao racked his brain and could not guess. Through the relationship between Han Fei, Hong Tunan and Bai Zhenyu. Wu Jinghao went to school early in the morning and even dressed up carefully. He wanted to go to school with Han Fei. By the way, he asked Bai Zhenyu and Hong Tunan. Han Fei flatly refused.

The Ma Juntao trio waited for Wu Jinghao at the school gate and forced him to buy breakfast. Wu Jinghao refused to do it. The students brought the football to Wu Jinghao and he flew a kick on Ma Juntao. Ma Juntao stood unstable and put Han Fei on the stairs Knocked down to the ground, Wu Jinghao hurriedly took her to the infirmary for rescue. Han Fei finally woke up and the doctor helped her with tetanus. Wu Jinghao sent Han Fei home, but she refused.

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