Closer to You Episode 3 Recap

Wu Jinghao mixed Han Fei into the classroom and hurried to buy water for her. He overheard the female classmates discussing privately about Han Fei ’s early love before transferring, and now pretending to be weak and gaining sympathy from Wu Jinghao, Wu Jinghao severely taught the two female classmates, insisted He exchanged seats with Wang Chutong and sat next to Han Fei. Teacher Yao called Wu Jinghao to the office after class. He complained that he should n’t change seats with Wang Chutong without permission. Wu Jinghao asked Teacher Yao the reason for Han Fei ’s transfer. Teacher Yao confirmed that Han Fei was not due to premature love. It’s just that learning is not active, let Wu Jinghao help her more.

Wu Jinghao took the opportunity to inquire about the address of Han Fei’s family from the teacher of medicine and wanted to send her home. Han Fei suddenly pushed the door in and handed the leave slip to the teacher. The teacher of medicine approved her not to take physical education in the afternoon. Han Fei warned Wu Jinghao not to mess up Asking about her family’s affairs, or interrupting Wu Jinghao’s leg, the teacher Yao felt Wu Jinghao shouldn’t be so curious, but he wanted to change Han Fei’s fate through hard work.

In the afternoon physical education class, Zhang Fancai dared to play table tennis with Wu Jinghao. Unexpectedly, Ma Juntao came to make trouble again, and forced Wu Jinghao to pick them up. Wu Jinghao did n’t want to be entangled with them, so he left the gym alone. He suddenly thought he would teach the director ’s office. Check the address of Han Fei’s house. Wu Jinghao secretly came to the office of the instructor to find it, but did not expect to be caught by the instructor. Wu Jinghao pretended that the exam did not work well yesterday, and wanted to take the test paper back to do it again. The instructor asked him to take the test paper without asking too much. Too.

Zhang Fan could n’t find Wu Jinghao everywhere. He asked Wang Chutong that he had gone to the administrative building. Zhang Fan worried that he would n’t think about it and hurried to find him. Zhang Fan begged Wu Jinghao not to do stupid things and promised to stay with him. Zhang Anyone who wants to make the relationship between their two good friends public will never hide it. Wu Jinghao can’t wait to ask him why Han Fei transferred to school. Zhang Fan mistakenly thought he wanted Han Fei to cover him so as not to be bullied by Ma Juntao.

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Mo Xiaobei bought a lot of snacks after school and could n’t help complaining to Zhang Fan and Wu Jinghao. She wanted to go to Bai Zhenyu ’s fan meeting. She could teach the director to let her enter the composition contest into the computer. Wu Jinghao offered to help Mo Xiaobei organized the electronic manuscript so that she could go to the fan meeting with peace of mind. Mo Xiaobei naturally wanted nothing, and gave him the key to the director’s office.

Wu Jinghao wanted to send Han Fei home, but Han Fei flatly refused and insisted on going home. Wu Jinghao opened the teaching director’s computer and quickly found Han Fei’s information. She found that she lived in the same community. The family relationship was simple. Only her father, Han Wei, was alone, and there was no reason for transfer in the file. Han Fei returned home from school. Han Wei asked her about her situation at school. She was forbidden to be with her students. Han Fei was very impatient and returned to her room without eating.

During the night, Han Fei couldn’t sleep at night, and sent a message to ask Bai Zhenyu to meet. Bai Zhenyu never responded. After Wu Jinghao finished writing the composition into the computer, he just locked the door and was ready to go home. He found Zhang Fan coming to pick him up, worried that he might have an accident. Wu Jinghao vowed that he would not find shortsightedness, and asked Zhang Fan to tear off his suicide note. Wu Jinghao warned him to leave his sister Wu Yiyi instead. Go farther, otherwise the troubles are endless.

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Wu Jinghao sat at the window looking up at the direction of Han Fei’s house. Wu Yiyi mistakenly thought he was looking for shortsightedness and hurriedly called him down. Han Fei encountered difficulties in doing math problems and regretted not having to come to Wu Jinghao’s notes. She received information from her classmates that she knew that today’s fan meeting would be very lively and touching. Han Fei picked up the headphones and played Bai Zhenyu’s song in a loop. I remembered the scene where she and Bai Zhenyu composed together.

Wu Jinghao was waiting for Han Fei on her way early in the morning. Han Fei realized that they lived in a community. The two went to school together. They met Ma Juntao’s trio at the school gate. Chen Bin accidentally injured his finger. He had to believe Wu Jinghao’s Cursed, Ma Juntao also felt that Wu Jinghao had recently changed, and suspected that he had mastered the magic. Lu Shouyang stopped Wu Jinghao and forced him hard. Wu Jinghao warned the three of them to act carefully, otherwise they would catch fire to the upper body next week and Ma Juntao gritted his teeth.

Han Fei adopted a stray cat, and quietly passed the cat during the class. Wu Jinghao quickly found her and fed the cat with her. He did n’t even hear the bell of the class. The director found that Han Fei and Wu Jinghao joined together to feed The cat, suspecting that the two of them were in love, would be tempted to throw away the stray cat. The teacher of medicine tried to plead for the two of them. The teaching director only opened his eyes and promised them to keep the kitten.

Stray cat pulled stools, Han Fei let Wu Jinghao grab it out with his hand, Wu Jinghao prides himself as a surgeon’s hand, but still clings to the shovel officer, Han Fei wrote a diary that night, recording her and Wu Jinghao Wu Jinghao looked at the funny thing about feeding the kitten.

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