Closer to You Episode 4 Recap

Wu Jinghao and Han Fei take care of stray kittens, and their relationship is getting closer and closer. Zhang Fan wants to play games with Wu Jinghao on the weekend. Wu Jinghao excuses something to refuse. He wants to take Han Fei to check the body with Han Fei this weekend. On the mobile phone number, Han Fei wrote Wu Jinghao and the kitten in her diary. Unfortunately, there was no news of Hong Tunan. Wu Jinghao could not guess who Hong Tunan was. As a result, he had a nightmare that night.

Wu Jinghao woke up from a nightmare, only to find out that the time agreed with Han Fei had passed, and he went out without paying attention to his meal. Wu Jing Hao couldn’t get through Han Fei’s phone, so he went to the place where the stray cat was hidden, he thought After reporting the kitten, he was caught with several blood marks. Wu Jinghao had to go to the hospital to get a rabies vaccine. She accidentally saw Han Fei enter the ICU ward. She felt the scene seemed familiar to her in a trance, and dreamed of this scene last night. Wu Jinghao I asked the passing nurse and learned that Hong Tunan’s eating barbecue caused a large area of ​​burns. Now that his life is dying, Han Fei comes to the ward and sees Hong Tunan in a coma. He is sad and desperate.

Wu Jinghao suspected that Han Fei was transferring school because of this matter. He accidentally saw Hong Tunan ’s mother severely teach Han Fei. He insisted that Han Fei burned his daughter Hong Tunan and was seriously injured. Han Fei repeatedly confessed to them and regretted about Hong. Tunan went to eat barbecue, Wu Jinghao hurriedly came out to help Han Fei, Hong Mum sneered at the two of them, and said that they were in love, they were not good people, Wu Jing Hao quickly called Han Fei away, and advised her, Han Fei was heartbroken. Absolutely, squatting on the ground and crying.

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Han Fei went home and asked his father Han Wei to settle the accounts, complaining that he should not have lied that Hong Tunan had returned to his hometown, and condemned his father as a cold-blooded person. Han Wei also felt wronged. Hong Tunan ’s mother did not want to see Han Fei, so he had to buy The house moved and helped Han Fei to transfer to school. Unexpectedly, she not only did not appreciate, but also complained. The father and the daughter quarreled if they did not agree. Wu Jinghao overhears the quarrel between their father and daughter and hurries over to knock on the door. Han Wei opens the door and Wu Jinghao hurries to hide.

Wu Yiyi was so drunk that she was shouting downstairs to call Wu Jinghao. Wu Jinghao went downstairs to pick up her sister without saying anything. Wu Yiyi claimed to have seen a super handsome little brother. Wu Jinghao took the opportunity to ask her to use her computer to check things. Promised, Wu Jinghao searched the video of the fire in the barbecue restaurant and carefully read it several times. It was obvious that it was an accident and had nothing to do with Han Fei.

Han Fei sent a message to Hong Tunan’s father. He wanted to visit Hong Tunan tomorrow and was politely declined by Hong Father. Wu Jinghao came to see the kitten early in the morning, and Han Fei was also there, so she greeted her warmly, and casually told her the truth of the fire in the barbecue restaurant, and advised her not to take it to heart. It was just an accident. Han Fei did not allow him to blend in. . Wang Chubin urged Han Fei and Wu Jinghao to hand in their homework. Both of them did not complete it. Wang Chubin thought that Han Wei had dragged Wu Jinghao and scolded her for being unlucky. Wu Jinghao wanted to make up her homework with Han Fei, Han Fei refused.

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Han Fei quietly sent the kitten away at noon, and Wu Jinghao was disappointed. The intimate relationship that they finally established was thus collapsed. In the chemistry experiment class, the teacher of medicine allowed the students to combine freely. Wu Jinghao offered to form a group with Han Fei. She strongly disagreed. Han Fei agreed to invite Zhang Fan and Mo Xiaobei. The three-person Ma Juntao team should conduct experiments with Wu Jinghao.

Mo Xiaobei accidentally thought that Han Fei had revealed the news of Bai Zhenyu’s concert. Han Fei claimed that she was not interested and hurried to interrupt her. Chen Bin shakes the beaker desperately, Wu Jinghao knows that a fire will soon occur, and hurries to stop him. Unexpectedly, the classmates nearby spilled the solution of the beaker on the ground to cause a fire. Han Fei could n’t help thinking of the fire in the barbecue restaurant. Yelling, hiding and shaking, Ma Juntao raised the fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire, took the opportunity to spray dry powder to Wu Jinghao, Zhang Fan came in time to rescue him.

Han Fei ran over to the rooftop because of shock. Wu Jinghao and Zhang Fan went to the bathroom to clean up the dry powder on his body. Suddenly remembered that Han Fei was in danger. He ran to the rooftop in one breath and persuaded her to cherish her life. Han Fei felt that she was hurting Hong Tu. Nan Sheng is not as good as death. She does n’t want to live in the world. Wu Jinghao encourages her to find a reason to live bravely. Do n’t care about other people ’s gossip. Wu Jinghao promises to be with her all the time and face her next.

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