Closer to You Episode 5 Recap

Zhang Fan and Wu Jinghao went to the bathroom to clean up the dry powder. Wu Jinghao went to the rooftop to find Han Fei. Zhang Fan didn’t even know it, and continued to talk about Ma Juntao’s bad things, threatening to let 300 enemies chop him into meat sauce, Zhang Fanyue said more excited I did n’t expect that Ma Juntao ’s trio heard it all, and Zhang Fan was trembling with fear. Ma Juntao did n’t expect him and Wu Jinghao to be good friends. He still said bad things behind his back, and all Zhang Zhang ’s clothes and shoes were chopped off in one go. Throw it down the window, just hit Wu Yiyi who came to give Wu Jinghao the living expenses.

Zhang Fan was surrounded by classmates, he was scared to hide, Wu Jinghao and Han Fei came down from the rooftop, heard the chaos in the corridor, hurried to run to see what happened, Zhang Fan was already scared to run down the stairs, the director of the news heard Come, push the students back to the classroom. Han Fei and Wu Jinghao go to chase Zhang Fan. Zhang Fan and Wu Yiyi bump into each other. Before Wu Yiyi asks questions, Zhang Fan has run away without crying.

Wu Jinghao wanted Zhang Fan ’s clothes from Wu Yiyi, and went to chase Zhang Fan. Finally, he was found in the locker room. Zhang Fan was ashamed and embarrassed. He wanted to transfer to school, immigrate, and left his face at school. Wu Yiyi learned the truth and agreed. Revenge Zhang Fan to make Ma Juntao embarrassed than him. Wu Jinghao thought this was familiar. Han Fei once said that he could n’t help but panic, suddenly realizing that his crossing did not change any results. What was humiliated was He, Han Fei wanted to avenge him, and now it was replaced by Zhang Fan who was humiliated. Wu Yiyi avenged him. The script is the same, but the object of the abuse has changed. Wu Jinghao does not want such a result. He wants to completely change this. .

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Wu Jinghao went to the playground to find Ma Juntao’s trio without saying anything, pretending to kneel and confess to them, taking advantage of Ma Juntao’s pants, and then pulling Han Fei away, Wu Yiyi dragged Zhang Fan away. Ma Juntao was laughed by his classmates. That night, Han Fei wrote a diary, greatly appreciating what Wu Jinghao did today, and mentioned that Bai Zhenyu was Hong Tunan ’s boyfriend, but he was cruel and never visited Hong Tunan. Han Fei decided to talk to Bai Zhenyu. He did n’t answer the phone, Han Fei had to send a message to meet him.

Bai Zhenyu received a message from Han Fei that he was discussing the album with his agent cindy. Bai Zhenyu wanted to write Hong Tunan’s name on it. Cindy strongly disagreed. Wu Jinghao carefully prepared a gift for Han Fei, Han Fei was indifferent and Wu Jinghao could not explain it. He wanted to thank Han Fei for his revenge for helping him ten years ago.

After school, the director instructed Wu Jinghao, Han Fei, Chen Bin, Zhang Fan, Ma Juntao and Lu Shouyang to clean the playground, and also taught them a hard meal. As soon as the teacher left, the trio of Ma Juntao called Zhang Fan aside , Wu Jinghao guessed that the next step was that Ma Juntao forced Zhang Fan to throw water polo at him, he did n’t want to sit still and lied that the medicine teacher asked her to take her away, Wu Jinghao waited downstairs, watching Ma Juntao force Zhang Fan to throw water polo, Zhang Fan He had to throw one down and did not hit Wu Jinghao at all. Ma Juntao was not reconciled and forced him to drop the second one. Unexpectedly, he hit the passing teacher and Ma Juntao and others ran away in shock.

Han Fei came to see the teacher of medicine, and the teacher of medicine asked about the chemistry class yesterday, and advised her not to go to the rooftop in the future. The teacher of medicine was very worried about her, and asked her to greet her. Teacher Wu kindly advised her and promised to help her solve her life and learning difficulties in the future, encouraging her to communicate more with her classmates. Han Fei went out and saw Mo Xiaobei holding Bai Zhenyu’s lamp to ask her for help. Han Fei promised, the two used the lunch break to make changes to the playground. Han Fei learned that Bai Zhenyu had a concert tonight, and fans can watch it for free. Mo Xiaobei invited Han Fei to watch it together, and listened to Bai Zhenyu’s famous song with her. Han Fei listened to the familiar song and had mixed feelings in her heart. Mo Xiaobei declared that it was a song created by Bai Zhenyu independently.

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Mo Xiaobei went to buy watercolors, and accidentally saw Zhang Fan sitting in the stadium sadly, hurried over to comfort him, and encouraged him to explain the reason with Wu Jinghao, Wu Jinghao learned that Han Fei was alone in the playground, hurried to find her, but Han Fei had disappeared long ago, and Wu Jinghao suddenly remembered that Han Fei had never returned since leaving school today. He immediately chased him out and finally found Han Fei. Wu Jinghao took her back to the classroom without any explanation. Han Fei suspected that he was busy doing business. .

At this moment, the Ma Juntao trio came far away, shouting to Wu Jinghao, Wu Jinghao was too late to explain, hugged Han Fei and ran, and finally hid in the sports equipment storage room, the Ma Juntao trio then arrived, excuse to go in and get Ball, Han Fei wanted to go to Ma Juntao and others to settle the account. Wu Jinghao strongly disagreed. Han Fei gritted his teeth and scolded him for being weak. He suspected that he wanted to misbehave.

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