Closer to You Episode 6 Recap

Wu Jinghao is worried that Han Fei will never come back after leaving school today. Han Fei does not want to listen to him, and insists on accomplishing a very important thing. If he misses today, he has to wait another month. Han Fei does not want to miss this. A good chance, insisting on leaving, Wu Jinghao desperately blocked, Ma Juntao’s trio slammed into the door, Wu Jinghao withstood the door, Han Fei walked away while he was not prepared to jump the window, Wu Jinghao followed.

Han Fei held Bai Zhenyu’s lamp successfully into the rehearsal of the concert. Wu Jinghao was turned away. He took the initiative to help the fans to carry the lamp before he got confused. Wu Jinghao came to Han Fei, Bai Zhenyu came out soon, and the fans were around He cheered, Bai Zhenyu sang a song dedicated to fans, he saw Han Fei in the crowd, suddenly stunned, and then nervously broke the guitar string, Bai Zhenyu hurried to hide in the background, Han Fei hurriedly Chase in.

Cindy asked Bai Zhenyu’s permission before letting Han Fei in. Han Fei cut his face and put Bai Zhenyu in a row. He accused him of forgetting his interests and ignoring his girlfriend’s life and death. Bai Zhenyu pretended to participate in the rehearsal, let Han Fei go first, Han Fei did not let go Talking about him, Bai Zhenyu spilled his breath on the guitar and accidentally scratched his finger. Cindy hurried to help him check the wound and shouted at him. Han Fei determined that Bai Zhenyu abandoned Hong Tunan for her.

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Bai Zhenyu warned Han Fei not to talk nonsense, Han Fei proposed to let Bai Zhenyu go to the hospital to visit Hong Tunan. Bai Zhenyu claimed to be under great pressure and did not have the energy to do anything. Cindy called the security guard. Han Fei smashed the guitar in one breath. Bai Zhenyu rushed up to snatch. Wu Jinghao couldn’t bear it. Bai Zhenyu punched, cindy wanted to report to the police, Bai Zhenyu didn’t want to get out of the way, let Han Fei and Wu Jinghao go first.

Cindy called the organizer, Mr. Wang, to explain that the rehearsal had to be delayed for an hour, and sent someone to take Bai Zhenyu’s old guitar as an emergency. She repeatedly reminded Bai Zhenyu to make a cut as soon as possible, and never fall in love, otherwise he would have to pay a huge amount of compensation according to the terms of the contract. In case of liquidated damages, Bai Zhenyu does not want to hear her continue to be wordy and promises to handle the matter properly.

Wu Jinghao has always been with Han Fei, and persuaded her not to act impulsively, and then escorted Han Fei back home before she left. Wu Jinghao went home and saw Zhang Fan putting his schoolbag at the door. He opened Han Fei ’s diary and found There wasn’t a word in it, but she kept crying. Wu Jinghao didn’t worry. She hurried to her house and squatted downstairs. Then she sent a message to make Han Fei happy. Han Fei didn’t respond. Wu Yiyi called Wu Jinghao to go home. Han Fei listened. It was only after the shout that Wu Jinghao had been downstairs.

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Wu Jinghao wanted to do his homework, but he couldn’t calm down at all. He had to call Han Fei. Han Fei just wanted to answer the question and was discovered by his father Han Wei. Han Fei had to turn off the phone. Wu Jinghao came downstairs to Han Fei’s house again, Han Fei Seeing him on the balcony, Wu Jinghao made desperate grimace to make her happy, Han Fei hurried downstairs to see him, Wu Jinghao bitterly persuaded her, Han Fei just relieved a little, Wu Jinghao took her to the beach to relax, let her vent her heart against the sea Depressed, Han Fei did not want to do this. The two sat on the beach side by side, looking at the star lights on the fishing boat in the distance. Wu Jinghao persuaded her to let go of her troubles and had to live alive. It was late at night and the sea breeze was gradually cooling. Wu Jinghao took off the cover and put it on Han Fei. Han Fei said that he looked like an uncle, but he was warm in his heart.

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