Closer to You Episode 7 Recap

Wu Jinghao came downstairs early in the morning to wait for Han Fei to go to school together. Mo Xiaobei rushed to bring a poster signed by Bai Zhenyu. Han Fei reminded her not to be blinded by the appearance and did not want to completely dispel her enthusiasm. , Mo Xiaobei was the most stable whereabouts of the two of them yesterday afternoon, Wu Jinghao did not mention a word, to keep a secret.

The mathematics scores of the 7th class in three years are very poor. The teaching director wants to occupy the afternoon class lectures to give the math test papers. Teacher Yao wants to hold a class meeting to do the ideological work of the students and increase the cohesion of the students. Too used to students, let him strengthen class management.

Ma Juntao forced Wu Jinghao and Zhang Fan to sweep the floor, Wu Jinghao was not convinced, and argued with him reasonably, Ma Juntao waved his fist to hit Wu Jinghao, thanks to the medicine teacher came in time to stop, called Mo Xiaobei, Han Fei and Wu Jinghao to the office, first of all The theme of the Pebble meeting was praised, let her prepare for it, and then the teacher Yao pointed out that Han Fei and Wu Jinghao should not leave the school without permission. Wu Jinghao took the initiative to bear all the responsibilities, and the teacher Yao fined them to do a college entrance examination exercise.

During the break, Mo Xiaobei informed the students that the theme of the class meeting was “Dream and Reality.” She grouped the whole class according to the single and double numbers. Han Fei recommended Wu Jinghao as the leader of the dream team. Ni Ting raised her hand. To be the leader of the reality group, Ma Juntao raised objections on the spot and had to debate with Ni Ting. Ni Ting was so scared that he bowed his head, and Ma Juntao was not allowed to be the leader of the reality group.

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During the lunch break, Mo Xiaobei talked to Han Fei about Bai Zhenyu’s first song “what I want to say”. The record company refused to release it. Bai Zhenyu recorded it and posted it online, but it suddenly became red. Han Fei couldn’t help thinking of the scene where she and Bai Zhenyu sent a sample of the song together. During the afternoon class meeting, the students cooperated with Mo Xiaobei to set the table, leaving a passage in the middle, only Ma Juntao stayed in place, Mo Xiaobei persuaded him to move the table, he ignored it, Han Fei was not used to it, and came over Helping to persuade Ma Juntao, Ma Juntao offered to break her wrist. If Han Fei won, he moved the table to the designated position.

Han Fei did not show any weakness. He opened the posture to compete with Ma Juntao. The students gathered around to cheer. Chen Bin and Lu Shouyang helped Ma Juntao. Wu Jinghao also helped Han Fei. The two sides refused to give each other. After giving a lesson to the classmates, all classes in their class were cancelled on the spot, and the teaching director also trained the medicine teacher to let the students take out the math papers.

Han Fei was very distressed by the medicine teacher and wanted to buy a gift to visit him. Wu Jinghao knew that the medicine teacher was the first in science. Because he was not a normal school graduate, he was crowded out everywhere. Wu Jinghao accompanied Han Fei to the bookstore to choose a book. Wu Jinghao accidentally looked at it. To a medical paper on vegetatives, which clearly stated that vegetatives can perceive the taste and the love of loved ones, Han Fei secretly vowed that he must find Hong Tunan’s spiritual power and let her wake up as soon as possible.

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The weekend was Zhang Fan’s birthday. He wanted to invite Mo Xiaobei, Han Fei and Wu Jinghao to eat hot pot together. Han Fei kept talking about losing weight. Mo Xiaobei asked Han Fei to accompany her to buy shoes. In fact, he bought a gift for Zhang Fan. On the birthday, Zhang Fan invited Wu Jinghao, Han Fei and Mo Xiaobei to Ping Lao classmate’s restaurant. Wu Jinghao felt familiar, but could not remember where he had met. Han Fei clearly remembered that she and Hong Tunan had eaten here. Unexpectedly, I didn’t expect to change to a hot pot restaurant now. She stood in the place and felt sad. Wu Jinghao asked Mo Xiaobei and Zhang Fan to order food first.

Wu Jinghao learned that this was the restaurant where Hong Tunan had an accident, and wanted to find Zhang Fan to discuss another one. Han Fei did not want to cause trouble for Zhang Fan, so he went in and found out that the owner of the hotel was also replaced. Wu Jinghao quietly comforted her not to think about it. , Everything has passed, Ma Juntao took Chen Bin and Lu Shouyang to dinner here, Ma Juntao asked Mo Xiaobei, Han Fei and Wu Jinghao to go to another table, Wu Jinghao firmly refused to do, and to try the hot sauce with Ma Juntao, Wu Jinghao did not panic Not busy with steamed buns, Ma Juntao ate bitelessly all the time, was repeatedly complained of by spicy, can only drink a bottle of ice water, and finally can only admit defeat, and left the restaurant in vain, Han Fei praised Wu Jinghao in the diary that night Creative, Wu Jinghao’s heart is beautiful.

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