Closer to You Episode 8 Recap

Mo Xiaobei sent Zhang Fan a new pair of shoes, Zhang Fan begged Wu Jinghao to play together in the afternoon, and Wu Jinghao excused something. Ma Juntao had acne on his face after eating chili sauce. He was so miserable that Wu Jinghao wanted to talk to him. Ma Juntao didn’t want to be tricked again, so he ran away in fear.

Wu Jinghao sent a message asking Han Fei to go to his house to eat braised pork. Han Fei declined to eat instant noodles at home alone. The teacher of medicine came to visit Han Fei ’s house. Wu Jinghao suddenly knocked on the door and sent a large pot of braised pork, Han Fei asked the teacher of medicine After eating together, the teacher told Wu Jinghao to leave together.

After that day, Han Fei studied hard and made great progress, Wu Jinghao cheered for her. Wu Jinghao went home from school and was blocked at the door by Ma Juntao’s brother who practiced martial arts. Wu Jinghao showed no weakness. Both sides were struggling, and it was about to start fighting. Thanks to the teacher of medicine in time to persuade the teacher, the teaching director then followed, and the teacher of medicine was ruthless After a training, he immediately announced that he would not be corrected, and left after the semester.

When Han Fei and Wu Jinghao heard the news, they went to the director of teaching to explain the reason. Teacher Yao didn’t want to get out of the way and hurriedly persuaded them to leave. They promised to wait for them to leave after graduation, and also let them hide the other students first. Teacher Yao continued to take a chemistry lesson and confiscated Wang Chutong ’s novel on the spot, claiming that he was also reading this book, and communicating with her after class. Teacher Yao tried hard to persuade classmates to cherish their current reading time and not repeat the previous generation. People’s lives, to live their own way, Han Fei sobbed emotionally, Wu Jinghao wrote a note to comfort her.

After the class, Han Fei forced Wang Chutong to apologize to the teacher Yao, Wang Chutong refused to do it. Han Fei had to say that the teacher was expelled from everyone, and the students were dumbfounded. In the physical education class, the students were all sullen because the teacher of medicine had to go. Only Ma Juntao showed a irrelevant attitude and called on everyone to play together. Chen Bin and Lu Shouyang broke off with him in public, and Ma Juntao was suddenly stunned.

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The teaching director came to class in three years and three years, and the students gave him advice to fight against the teacher. The teaching director did not allow them to blend in blindly. Ma Juntao took the initiative to admit his mistakes, and asked the teaching director not to dismiss the teacher. The teaching director did not buy it. Let him reflect on his mistakes, Han Fei promised to correct the mistakes, and asked the teaching director to leave the medicine teacher. Wu Jinghao suddenly stood up and said that the teaching director is a reasonable person, and will never let the medicine teacher be wronged, as long as the students are good. To study, don’t give other school leaders the illusion that the medicine teacher can’t manage the class well. The medicine teacher still has the opportunity to stay. The teaching director knows that Wu Jinghao is digging for him, but he can’t find a reason to refute.

Ma Juntao took the initiative to come to the medicine teacher to admit his mistake after class, and blamed himself for impulsively involving him. The teacher knew that his parents were working in the field, and his brother had been taking care of him. The medicine teacher reminded Ma Juntao not to take a short time and not to cause trouble to his brother. Ma Juntao nodded again and again in shame, and the principal passed by to see this scene. At the same time, Wu Jinghao came to the instructor, swearing that the medicine teacher could take their class well, and proposed that their class won the first place in the sports meeting, and asked the instructor to give the teacher pleading, and the instructor considered repeatedly and reluctantly agreed.

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Wu Jinghao could n’t wait to announce the news to his classmates. He called on everyone to train and fight for the first place. The classmates applauded happily and shoved one by one. Mo Xiaobei suggested that the classmates go to watch the meteor shower on the weekend and then make a wish to let the medicine teacher stay. Wu Jinghao fully supported her decision, Ma Juntao first stood up and responded, Wu Jinghao made an appointment for the meeting.

Han Fei also wanted to watch the meteor shower, but there was Bai Zhenyu’s concert on the weekend. She wanted to fight for Hong Tunan’s spiritual strength so that she could wake up as soon as possible. Han Fei wrote in her diary that she could not watch the meteor shower. Wu Jinghao waited for a long time And did not see her write down the specific reason. Early the next morning, Wu Jinghao asked Han Fei why he didn’t want to watch the meteor shower. Han Fei persuaded her not to believe this naive behavior. Wu Jinghao persuaded her hard and invited her to watch the meteor shower together. Han Fei promised to consider it carefully.

In a blink of an eye, the weekend came when Han Fei and his classmates came to the top of the mountain. Everyone split up and set up a tent. Wang Chutong would not, Han Fei took the initiative to help her. Ma Juntao took the students to barbecue, and the oil splashed on the charcoal and a fire broke out. Terrified, Wu Jinghao stood next to her and encouraged her. Han Fei finally overcome the fear of fire and ate barbecue with his classmates. That night, Mo Xiaobei took The students sang Bai Zhenyu’s song, Han Fei hummed involuntarily, a meteor flashed in the night sky, everyone prayed silently together, praying that the medicine teacher would stay.

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