Combine Any of These 25 Dumbbell Exercises For a Great Lower-Body Workout

If leg day is your favorite day, grab a pair of dumbbells, and bookmark this post. We’ve compiled 25 of the best moves to target your lower body, including dumbbell glute exercises, dumbbell hamstring exercises, and moves to target your quads and calves, too. These simple exercises might not seem that hard, but when you have trouble walking tomorrow, you’ll know they were effective.

Mix and match five or six of these moves to create your own leg and butt workout with weights, or if you need a little inspiration, check out the full lower-body dumbbell workouts listed below. If you’re a beginner, start with your bodyweight, or use lighter dumbbells (three to five pounds). For more of a challenge, grab medium or heavy weights (eight to 20 pounds). (Not sure? Here’s a guide on how to choose the right weights.) No matter which of these leg and glute exercises you choose, one thing’s for sure: you’re going to get a great lower-body workout.

Dumbbell Leg and Butt Workouts to Try:

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