Craig Revel Horwood Dancing with the Stars 2023: Who is Craig Revel Horwood? Craig Revel Horwood Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Wife

Craig Revel Horwood Dancing with the Stars 2023

In the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars Australia, set to premiere on Sunday, 18 June 2023, audiences can once again expect an exhilarating display of dance, dazzling costumes, and star-studded entertainment. Among the esteemed judging panel, one familiar face stands out – Craig Revel Horwood.

Craig is no stranger to the world of dance and entertainment. With an extensive background in both performing and directing, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the show. Having traveled all over the world, Craig has left his mark on various iconic productions, including Moulin Rouge, Cats, and Jesus Christ Superstar. He has also showcased his talent as a director and choreographer in leading productions like West Side Story, Miss Saigon, and Guys and Dolls.

While many viewers might recognize him from his role as a judge on all 20 seasons of Strictly Come Dancing in the UK, this will be his third season as a judge on Dancing With The Stars Australia. Craig’s sharp wit, candid critiques, and eye for detail have made him a beloved but formidable judge, pushing celebrities to bring their A-game to the dancefloor.

Throughout the season, the celebrities will undergo weeks of intensive training to master various dance styles, from ballroom classics to contemporary numbers. As they perform each week, they will be aiming not only to impress the live audience but also to win the favor of the judging panel, which includes Craig Revel Horwood, alongside Sharna Burgess, Todd McKenney, and Mark Wilson.

Notably, the celebrities won’t be dancing just for personal glory; they will be competing for their chosen charities, adding an extra layer of motivation and meaning to their performances. And, of course, the ultimate reward they all strive for is the coveted Dancing With The Stars mirror ball trophy.

With the charismatic hosting duo of Daryl Somers and Sonia Kruger leading the way, the 2023 season promises to be a thrilling and heartwarming journey of dance, determination, and charitable giving. Craig Revel Horwood’s return as a judge adds his unique flair and seasoned perspective to the show, making sure the competition remains fierce and unforgettable. Dancing With The Stars 2023 is set to capture the hearts of viewers once again with its blend of glitz, glamour, and magical moves on the dancefloor.


Who is Craig Revel Horwood?

Craig Revel Horwood, a multifaceted artist with a vibrant spirit, captivates hearts worldwide with his boundless talents. Born on the 4th of January in 1965, he embodies the fusion of Australian charm and British brilliance, creating a mesmerizing persona that knows no bounds. Dancing through life with grace and flair, Craig has mastered the art of movement, dazzling audiences as a virtuoso dancer, innovative choreographer, and enigmatic conductor.


His journey in the world of entertainment has been nothing short of extraordinary. But it doesn’t stop there – he fearlessly embraced the spotlight as a former drag queen, fearlessly celebrating the power of self-expression. A true maestro of the theatre, Craig Revel Horwood’s directorial genius knows no limits. He weaves spellbinding stories on the stage, where dreams come to life, and emotions soar like never before. Through his artistic vision, the magic of performance ignites passions in the hearts of all who witness it.

For millions around the globe, Craig’s name is synonymous with the electrifying hit show, Strictly Come Dancing. As the embodiment of expertise and candor, he has graced the judging panel, enlightening and entertaining audiences season after season. His absence, due to an unfortunate bout of COVID-19, left a void in the hearts of viewers who cherished his every word, making him the one and only judge to be present since the show’s very inception.

Not confined to the judge’s chair, Craig revels in the limelight himself, taking to the floor with dazzling ballroom and Latin routines. A breathtaking performance themed around the iconic “Hello, Dolly!” left spectators spellbound in 2019, a testament to his unparalleled showmanship.

Such is his impact on the world of entertainment that even the esteemed Madame Tussauds Blackpool honored Craig with a waxwork, immortalizing his charisma and talent for all eternity. In a moment of immense pride, the University of Winchester bestowed upon Craig Revel Horwood the title of Honorary Doctor of Arts. This recognition stands as a testament to his indomitable spirit, his relentless pursuit of excellence, and his unwavering dedication to the world of performing arts.

As we traverse the tapestry of Craig’s remarkable life, we are enchanted by his boundless passion for the arts and his enduring commitment to empowering others. With each step he takes and every stage he graces, Craig continues to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of those who adore him, inspiring generations to come with his artistic fervor and his zest for life.



Craig Revel Horwood Wiki

Craig Revel Horwood is a multifaceted artist known for his outstanding contributions to the world of performing arts. Born on January 4, 1965, in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, he embarked on a remarkable journey of dance and creativity from a young age. With a passion for movement and expression, he honed his skills as a dancer in Melbourne before venturing to London, seeking greater opportunities in the world of dance.

His rise to prominence began with dazzling performances in the competitive dance scene, where he showcased his exceptional talent and artistry. Over the years, Craig’s reputation as a gifted choreographer and theatre director soared, leading him to work on numerous acclaimed productions across the globe.

However, it is his role as a judge on the beloved BBC dancing series Strictly Come Dancing that catapulted him into the hearts of millions. His sharp wit, candid critiques, and vast knowledge of dance made him an integral part of the show since its inception.




Craig Revel Horwood




4 January 1965


Ballarat, Victoria, Australia




Author, Ballroom Dancer, Choreographer, Conductor and Theatre Director



Craig Revel Horwood Age

As of 2023, Craig Revel Horwood is 58 years old. Craig Revel Horwood’s life journey is one of triumph over adversity, born on the 4th of January in 1965 in the charming town of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. His early years were marked by challenges as his father, Phil, a former Royal Australian Navy Lieutenant, battled alcoholism, which deeply impacted their family bonds.

Undeterred by the trials he faced, Craig embarked on a path of dance in his hometown of Melbourne. However, his dreams knew no bounds, and he set his sights on the vibrant city of London, beckoning with greater opportunities and the allure of competitive dance. In pursuit of his aspirations, he made the bold move to the UK in 1989, leaving his Australian roots behind.

The year 2011 held a significant milestone for Craig, as on the 20th of August, he proudly embraced British citizenship, cementing his deep connection with his newfound home. Revel, a name close to his heart, adorns his middle name. Not a double-barrelled surname, but a symbol of his identity and spirit, representing the tenacity with which he approaches life.

As he laid bare his life’s journey in his autobiography, Craig Revel Horwood shared intimate details of his past. At the tender age of 17, he fearlessly stepped into the world of drag queens, gracing bars and clubs with his captivating performances. Amidst the glitter and lights, he found himself entwined in a relationship with an unnamed celebrity, a chapter of his life he likened to a profound emotional struggle.

Through it all, Craig Revel Horwood emerged as a shining beacon of strength and resilience. From the stages of Melbourne to the bustling streets of London, he conquered adversity and rose to prominence as a remarkable dancer, choreographer, and theatre director. His journey is a testament to the power of determination, self-expression, and the pursuit of one’s dreams, inspiring countless admirers around the world.


Craig Revel Horwood Height

Craig Revel Horwood, the mesmerizing dancer, graces the world with his artistic prowess, standing tall at an impressive height of 181 cm. With each step and movement, he weaves a spellbinding tale on the dance floor, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression wherever he goes. His passion for dance knows no bounds, and his stature as a dancer is matched only by his undeniable talent and charisma. From ballroom to Latin, he glides with grace and precision, enchanting all who have the privilege of witnessing his magical performances. With every leap and twirl, Craig Revel Horwood continues to inspire and ignite the hearts of dance enthusiasts worldwide.

Craig Revel Horwood Wife

Craig Revel Horwood’s journey of love and self-discovery has been a colorful tapestry of experiences. In 1990, he tied the knot with Jane Horwood, embarking on a path of matrimonial bliss. However, their union lasted until 1992, and life had more surprises in store for Craig.

In December 2014, he candidly revealed his journey of self-discovery, acknowledging that he had embraced his bisexuality during a significant phase of his life. Between the ages of 17 and 26, he found himself attracted to both men and women, flitting between different connections. Unfortunately, his marriage with Jane encountered its challenges, and they eventually parted ways, with Jane finding love with another man.

Amidst the twists and turns of life, Craig’s heart found solace in the arms of another, and he fell deeply in love with a man, embracing his identity as a gay man. His former partner, Damon Scott, made a name for himself as a runner-up on the iconic show Britain’s Got Talent, adding another intriguing layer to Craig’s personal journey.

Since early 2018, Craig Revel Horwood has been basking in the joy of a loving relationship with horticulturist Jonathan Myring. Their love blossomed, and in April 2020, the couple joyously announced their engagement. Fate smiled upon them when they crossed paths on the popular dating platform Tinder, igniting a beautiful love story.

Their engagement, a testament to the depth of their affection, took place amidst the picturesque landscapes of Tasmania, a place that now holds a special place in their hearts. Through the highs and lows, twists and turns, Craig Revel Horwood’s journey of love exemplifies the beauty of embracing one’s true self and finding profound happiness with a kindred spirit.


Craig Revel Horwood Net worth

Craig Revel Horwood’s diverse talents have paved the way for multiple sources of income throughout his illustrious career. As a well-known judge on the popular BBC dancing series Strictly Come Dancing, Craig receives compensation for his expertise and presence on the show. Additionally, he might make appearances on other television programs, contributing to his income. 

Craig has authored books, including autobiographies and dance-related publications. The sales and royalties from his literary works contribute to his earnings. As a highly skilled ballroom dancer and choreographer, Craig is sought after for performances, workshops, and consulting work. These ventures provide him with lucrative opportunities. Craig’s prowess as a theatre director allows him to work on various theatrical productions, earning income through his creative contributions.

With his experience as a conductor, he may be engaged in conducting musical performances, adding another dimension to his income streams. Craig’s celebrity status makes him a sought-after figure for public events, brand endorsements, and collaborations, all of which can be sources of income. Craig might have personal investments, business ventures, or partnerships that generate additional income.

Craig Revel Horwood Net worth 


Craig Revel Horwood 

Net Worth

$1 million to  $5 million 


Author, Ballroom Dancer, Choreographer, Conductor and Theatre Director

Source of income

Through his Career

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