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Criminal Code Review: An Intriguing Crime Thriller That Requires Patience

Criminal Code Review: Also known as DNA do Crime, Netflix’s Brazilian series stars Guilherme Faria, Marcelo Di Marcio, Pedro Caetano, Guito, Alex Nader, Luis Capti Kwong, Miguel Nader, Danial Blanco, Milton Lacerda, Thiago Brianti, Maeve Jinkings, Guilherme Silva and others. It is directed by Pedro Morelli and Heitor Dhalia. The writing team includes Bernardo Barcellos, Leonardo Levis, Ali Muritba, Bruno Passeri along with Heitor.

There are 8 episodes of an hour each. The series has been dubbed and subtitled in English.

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Netflix’s Criminal Code Review Contains No Spoilers

A robbery in Ciudad del Este, a securities insurance company in Paraguay, alerts the police officers at the Foz do Iguaçu police station in Brazil. As they investigate the robbery, the case takes twists and turns that help him find bigger crimes and activities that have been hiding in plain sight so far.

In terms of the heist story, the chaos happens in the first episode itself, captivating your attention to know how the case will be solved. However, the series takes an interesting turn when the makers include subplots of the issues within the police department, past connections, and other multiple crimes. The series doesn’t take an easy way out to help the officers investigate. The challenges and complications are severe. It is mentioned that the series is also somewhat based on real-life incidents. So it makes sense to have an intense tone to the storytelling.

Criminal Code Review

The first four episodes keep you intrigued as they act as a suspense builder with an investigative tone. From episode 5, the series intensifies as we not only start piecing things together but also learn about other major secrets. At times, the plot seems to stretch as the elements remind you of numerous heist thrillers and crime shows you’ve watched in the past.


Criminal Code on Netflix is also packed with great action and fight sequences. Seeing the cops in action is always a treat, if done in style and rightly. The neat action choreography makes you pause and rewatch certain scenes. What’s commendable is that some of these stunts help elevate the plot. Furthermore, the differences in opinions and approaches between the officers strengthen the core of the plot.

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Netflix’s other series, Lupin also shows the variation in how two officers follow up on the case. But it doesn’t take the risk of making it complicated. But the Brazilian show doesn’t shy away from taking up the intensity in a police department that’s bombarded with such startling cases.

The series also has forensic elements that are always informative and gripping. Just like courtroom dramas, I enjoy such conversations, which don’t happen in our daily lives between normal people. The inclusion of a heist, criminal activities, and the forensic aspect helps to keep the show from becoming monotonous. The performances are top-notch, giving every character something crucial to deliver.

Criminal Code Review: Final Thoughts

Netflix's Criminal Code

Overall, if you love binge-watching thrillers and crime shows that require patience, bring in multiple twists, and diversion from the main plot till we reach the answers in the end, and has lots of action-packed sequence, Criminal Code on Netflix should be on your watchlist.

The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Have you watched the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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