CRUCIAL Details Behind FIFTY FIFTY Members Lawsuit: A Shocking Update!

After months of controversy and a lawsuit against their agency, ATTRAKT, members of Kpop rookie group FIFTY FIFTY finally breaks the silence. FIFTY FIFTY members Keena, Saena, Sio, and Aran posted handwritten letters in English and Korean, explaining their side of the story. But along with this letter, FIFTY FIFTY members also took their lawsuit to a more shocking development in the recent update. So, what really happened behind the controversy, according to FIFTY FIFTY? Continue reading for a more comprehensive update about the FIFTY FIFTY lawsuit against ATTRAKT.

FIFTY FIFTY Members Breaks Silence in Handwritten Letters: A Lawsuit Update

Kpop rookie group FIFTY FIFTY finally decided to break the silence regarding their lawsuit against entertainment company ATTRAKT.

Previously, shocking details revealed that FIFTY FIFTY may have become a victim of scams due to the fraudulent professional background of The Givers CEO Ahn Sung Il.

However, facts about Ahn Sung Il’s fraudulent background didn’t affect the determination of FIFTY FIFTY members Keena, Saena, Sio, and Aran. They stayed strong with their demands and seemed to have no intention of peacefully reconciling with their agency. Even when the court suggested a careful mediation process between the two parties, members of FIFTY FIFTY denied the mediation. Only the mothers of FIFTY FIFTY members Aran and Saena attended the initial process, but they decided not to continue with the mediation.

The decision escalated public response to the FIFTY FIFTY vs. ATTRAKT lawsuit update, and there was speculation that the group might disband soon.

Due to increasing scrutiny and various accusations, members of FIFTY FIFTY finally revealed their side of the story.


What Really Happened, According to FIFTY FIFTY Members

On August 18, members of FIFTY FIFTY, Keena, Saena, Sio, and Aran posted handwritten letters on Instagram. Through an Instagram handle @fifi_fifi1118, FIFTY FIFTY members delivered their thoughts in Korean and English.


According to the letters, FIFTY FIFTY was careful in voicing their opinion about the ATTRAKT lawsuit. However, they could no longer stand the misunderstanding and accusations circulating the internet and social media.

Furthermore, FIFTY FIFTY stated they wanted to correct all the mistreatments happening in the relationship with ATTRAKT. In addition, they also strongly wished to protect their music. That is why they believed they had no choice but to take this challenging path.

The members also stated that all the stories and accusations circulating on the internet and social media were untrue. And their silence did not mean they agreed or accepted all those misunderstandings.

Therefore, FIFTY FIFTY decided to continue taking the issue to court because they wanted to correct all wrongs. They believed that the truth would soon emerge during the trial process. For that matter, they would continue collecting and submitting evidence and more related materials.

Still, FIFTY FIFTY members seemed to have no intention of revealing the complete details of what happened to their relationship with ATTRAKT. They simply requested that fans do not make too much criticism based on false assumptions.

But eventually, one thing is for sure: FIFTY FIFTY members have no intention and will not disband the group.

Handwritten letters from FIFTY FIFTY members. | Instagram
Handwritten letters from FIFTY FIFTY members. | Instagram

MORE Shocking Lawsuit Update: from Civil to Criminal Court

Along with the handwritten letters, members of FIFTY FIFTY delivered a more shocking update on their lawsuit against ATTRAKT. The members seemed adamant about taking ATTRAKT CEO Jeon Hong Joon to jail.

On August 18, Korean media outlet MK Sports reported that FIFTY FIFTY had intended to take their case from civil to criminal court. FIFTY FIFTY’s representative lawyer declared that the group had filed a criminal complaint against ATTRAKT CEO Jeon Hong Joon for “violating the Act on the Aggravated Punishment, etc. of Specific Economic Crimes (breach of trust).”

Originally, FIFTY FIFTY had signed their contract with Jeon Hong Joon’s previous company, Star Crew Entertainment. But ahead of their debut, the group then transferred to ATTRAKT.

During this transfer process, severe financial issues and problematic development had been happening, stemming from debts and funds going back and forth between the two companies.

Official Statement

“CEO Jeon Hong Joon had apparently used the advance payment Star Crew Entertainment originally received from their album distributor for unknown expenditures. The CEO then nominally included the payment under girl group investment costs.

This decision resulted in the new company ATTRAKT bearing the financial obligation of that advance payment. That is why FIFTY FIFTY’s digital music and album revenue is being used to pay off this debt.

In addition, there should have been an advanced payment of 2 billion won (approximately 1.49 million USD) available from FIFTY FIFTY’s album. However, ATTRAKT seemed to have used the payment and deposited them to Star Crew Entertainment, not ATTRAKT.

This decision has caused severe damage to ATTRAKT.

ATTRAKT has consistently evaded responsibility and refused to FIFTY FIFTY’s requests and complaints about their earnings. Therefore, as long as CEO Jong Hong Joon remains in charge of ATTRAKT, FIFTY FIFTY has no intention of maintaining its exclusive contract with the company.

This criminal complaint is necessary to publicly reveal the urgency of FIFTY FIFTY’s situation..”

FIFTY FIFTY’s representative lawyer.

Suspicious Timing?

Finally, the recent lawsuit update brings mixed reactions from South Korean netizens. Some felt surprised by the recent development, while others still believed that FIFTY FIFTY would soon disband because they decided to raise financial issues only months after debut.

Meanwhile, netizens also pointed out the suspicious timing of FIFTY FIFTY’s letter and lawsuit update. That is because the letter came out only a day before the release of SBS’s “Unanswered Questions”, a program that digs deep into Korea’s most explosive secrets.

They believed the letters were a precaution from FIFTY FIFTY’s side to control the possible upcoming damage caused by the program.

  • “I will make sure to watch you on Unanswered Questions~.”
  • “They must be nervous because they will appear on primetime television.”
  • “Will Unanswered Questions expose them? The timing is suspicious.”
  • “Did they write the letters because of Unanswered Questions? They’re surely causing a ruckus today.”
  • “Usually, the people getting exposed on Unanswered Questions do stuff like writing a letter the day before the episode airs.”
  • “Koreans hate backstabbers the most.”
  • “It seems they are nervous about Unanswered Questions.”

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