Darkish Shrek Principle Reveals Fiona Is A Cannibal

One notably darkish fan idea states that Princess Fiona spent years surviving as a cannibal earlier than the occasions of Shrek, and it’s extremely convincing.

Shrek idea means that Princess Fiona is definitely a cannibal, and regardless of this being a darkish and disturbing thought, it is surprisingly believable. Upon its launch in 2001, Shrek shortly turned one of the vital important films of all time. The Oscar-winning characteristic’s influence on animation and popular culture is staggering, and greater than twenty years later, Shrek retains its iconic relevance, thanks in no small half to its candy story that successfully acts because the reverse of the extra conventional fairy-tale narrative.

The story of Shrek begins by perpetuating the identical damsel-in-distress trope featured in numerous fairy tales. Nevertheless, in an act of subversive storytelling, Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) is revealed to be the sufferer of a curse, turning into an ogre by evening. When Shrek (Mike Myers) lastly kisses her, she truly reverts to her unique ogre kind — an apparent means of difficult expectations of magnificence and what constitutes a contented ending. Nevertheless, it is the extra conventional fairy story a part of the story that hides Shrek‘s most attention-grabbing element: it seems that whereas she was locked in her tower, Fiona might have picked up some unhealthy habits.


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One darkish Shrek idea (through Reddit) suggests that in her time locked within the tower, Princess Fiona resorted to cannibalism to get by. It is advised that consuming the flesh of the knights who got here to her rescue was how Princess Fiona was capable of survive throughout her captivity, notably because it appears to be Dragon who was tasked along with her care. The film presents visible clues to again up this darkish entry to the catalog of Shrek fan theories, making it surprisingly convincing upon nearer examination.

Fiona Spends Twenty Years Trapped In The Tower

Princess Fiona in her dungeon on Shrek

To ascertain how Princess Fiona turned a cannibal, one should first merely study why. Based on Shrek‘s personal expository scene during which Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow) selects Princess Fiona to grow to be his bride, she has been locked away within the tower for a few years. The film establishes that she has been within the tower for roughly 20 years previous to Shrek’s arrival, which is an awfully very long time to stay in isolation with out selecting up just a few unusual habits. The concept Princess Fiona’s tower was stocked with sufficient provides to final a lifetime is decidedly unlikely. Nevertheless, with the one entrance to the tower being a rickety bridge over an expanse of fiery brimstone, it additionally appears unlikely that provides have been dropped at her. This paves the best way for one more of Shrek‘s darkish twists as a result of it appears that evidently the probably technique of survival for Princess Fiona’s continued keep within the tower could be for her to have been compelled to resort to cannibalizing the stays of the knights who did not rescue her.

Fiona’s Ogre Curse Implies She’s Succesful Of Consuming People

Princess Fiona Shrek

Based on the idea, the truth that Princess Fiona has been cursed to grow to be an ogre at evening is especially important. As a human princess trapped in a tower, resorting to cannibalism might have been her solely technique of survival. Nevertheless, shifting into ogre kind every evening would make this much more believable, as ogres are proven to have completely different appetites than people — and Princess Fiona adapts extremely shortly to this after assembly Shrek. The implication of Princess Fiona’s ogre curse is that it makes it far simpler to commit sure acts that will be troublesome for a human — specifically, consuming the our bodies of fallen knights. Princess Fiona even tells Shrek that she’s “ugly,” one thing which she clearly would not intend as an insult to her ogre savior. It is doable that Fiona sees herself as ugly not because of her cursed ogre kind, however due to the issues she has achieved to make sure her survival. This not solely provides a darkish depth to her character however truly makes way more sense than the apparently superficial nature of her “ugly” remark.

Small Visible Clues Appear To Show The Principle

Shrek and Fiona in Fiona's tower next to Dragon's cookbook

Along with the idea being essentially the most logical rationalization for Princess Fiona’s survival, there are additionally small visible clues that seem to show her cannibalism. The primary of those comes when Shrek and Donkey (Eddie Murphy) first strategy the tower, they usually spot the skeleton of a horse. As that is absolutely intact and a ways from the tower itself, it implies that the horse wasn’t eaten by Princess Fiona or Dragon. Nevertheless, upon getting into the citadel, the partial skeletal stays of a knight will be seen, implying that he was dismembered and doubtlessly eaten. Moreover, after the rescue of Princess Fiona, Dragon’s cookbook will be seen within the background of a scene. It is open on a web page titled “Knightly Treats” and is standing beside an enormous cauldron large enough for a human physique. The clear implication is that Dragon has been cooking people. As dragons aren’t identified for his or her desire for cooked meat, it could appear that this technique of preparation was extra for Princess Fiona’s profit, additional proving the cannibalism idea.

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Fiona’s Cannibalism Is Why Her “True” Kind Is Later An Ogre

Probably the greatest features of the Shrek films is the best way they subvert the standard “magnificence and the beast” trope by having Princess Fiona’s true self be that of an ogre. Nevertheless, inside the context of the primary film, this revelation truly makes little or no sense, as Shrek 2 reveals that each of Princess Fiona’s dad and mom are certainly human, making her initially a full-blooded human, too. Which means that her ogre aspect was purely the results of the curse and that her true self ought to, by rights, have been human upon being kissed by Shrek. Whereas the imprecise implication is that this transformation is brought on by the pair’s love, there’s truly a greater rationalization that stems from the cannibalism idea. Within the film, Princess Fiona’s rescue is preceded by twenty years of solitude, throughout which she seemingly resorted to cannibalism. If she did certainly depend on her ogre kind to rationalize cannibalizing the stays of the knights, it could comply with that this turned the norm for her, along with her contemplating herself extra ogre than human.

This additionally matches along with her remark about being “ugly,” as a long time of consuming human flesh would have taken a toll on her emotional state and her personal self-image. This may then clarify why, upon being kissed by Shrek and having love restore her true kind, she turns into an ogre: for years previous to the occasions of Shrek, Princess Fiona was a cannibal, and due to this fact she noticed herself as extra monster than human.

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