David Harbour Reveals Florence Pugh’s Character Will Be Interesting In Thunderbolts

Marvel Fans got the announcement of the movie they most waited for at the D23 expo. The movie is none other than Thunderbolts. At the Disney event, Marvel revealed the characters who will be a part of the supervillain squad. Fans couldn’t be more excited after knowing Sebastian Stan & Florence Pugh both are also included in the team.

Florence Pugh made her first MCU debut in Black Widow. She played the character named Yelena Belova (sister of Natasha Romanoff). The end credit scene of the Black Widow movie teased Yelena going after Hawkeye to kill him for her sister’s death. So Yelena’s story was continued in the Hawkeye series as well. Where she comes to New York on a mission to track down Clint Barton.

After Hawkeye, her storyline remains undecided as Marvel didn’t give an update on which movie she would appear next. But now finally we know that she would be part of Thunderbolts. Also, it’s reported that she’ll be the leader of the team.

Recently David Harbour did an interview with Gizmodo, where he gave a little bit update about Florence Pugh’s character.

David Harbour On Yelena Belova In Thunderbolts

In a recent interview with Gizmodo, David says, “I’ve loved Wyatt Russell, Sebastian Stan & Julia Louis Dreyfus character throughout the universe. What the director wants to do with Florence’s character is very interesting and how I factor into how we develop our relationship is very interesting.” The stranger Things actor teased that a lot of interesting things are in store for Yelena Belova. And maybe we’ll get to see the bond between Red Guardian & Yelena.


As Red guardian is Yelena Belova’s adopted father and their relationship in Black Widow wasn’t explored much. Further, he adds, “And then when you see what Jake and Eric Pearson is trying to fashion, it’s really clever…So you have this movie that’s, you know, kind of ragtag.”

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