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DDP Explains Ronda Rousey’s Personality Behind the Scenes 

Ronda Rousey has already been displaying a much more assertive heel attitude on tv news lately, which has resulted in a push for her as she managed to regain the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship. Diamond Dallas Page, on the latest episode of DDP SnakePit, explained that she and her husband are truly, really pleasant people, just down-to-earth people.

Whereas she may be the polar opposite of her personality behind the scenes, DDP appears to believe that the former UFC star is similar to Mike Tyson, another sporting legend who decided to enter the professional wrestling world. When that girl walks through the curtain, she’s a beast, and she was a beast in the UFC, according to DDP. Nobody could beat her when she was in her groove and owning it, like Mike Tyson.

Once she got to that point where she got beat, it was period for her to come over and do our thing… She had a run as the toughest woman on the planet, and she’ll keep that title forever because Ronda Rousey is the only reason there is women’s MMA. She’s a trailblazer; she put herself out there and owned it. After defeating Liv Morgan to reclaim her WWE championship, it is unclear who Rousey will face next, though she has set an open challenge for next week’s SmackDown.

Ronda Rousey will host an Open Challenge

DDP, on the other hand, believes she will face current WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair in the long term, that also he believes “could be hell of a build… Bianca, she’s the real thing too.” On the upcoming episode of the Blue Brand show, Ronda Rousey will host an Open Challenge for her SmackDown Women’s Championship. Rousey essentially completed her heel turn on the 10/21 episode by calling out WWE fans for dishonouring her since her come back to the promotion at the Royal Rumble previously this year. 

When questioned if she was going to issue an Open Challenge because of the fans’ predictions based on her previous reign in 2018-19, Rousey responded, “I didn’t return for them, and I don’t win for them. Rousey would also criticise the WWE fanbase for rooting for their favourites rather than recognising the superior performers. Now they’re trapped with the best, she incorporated as she walked away, cursing the state of Ohio. 


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