Deadpool Proved Hawkeye’s Most Iconic Dying Was Utterly Pointless

Deadpool not solely downplayed Hawkeye’s loss of life in Avengers Disassembled however his feedback counsel Clint’s loss of life might have his fault, not Wanda’s !

After Hawkeye’s iconic loss of life, Deadpool couldn’t assist himself. Throughout one of many Avengers’ darkest moments, Hawkeye grew to become one of many casualties of Scarlet Witch’s psychological breakdown, taking an invading Kree ship down earlier than his gear exploded. Though Clint would finally be resurrected, the reminiscence of his sacrifice was later tarnished by Deadpool’s feedback throughout his battle with Agent X. Throughout their battle, Deadpool’s opinion about their mutual gear counsel that Hawkeye’s heroic second might have been the reason for negligence or a deadly case of forgetfulness as a substitute of horrible coincidence.


In Avengers #502 by Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch, the Avengers are nonetheless reeling from the chaotic chain of occasions that killed Ant-Man and Imaginative and prescient, whereas leaving a couple of members within the hospital. When an enormous group of earlier and reserve Avengers assemble on the stays of the Avengers Mansion, they’re out of the blue attacked by an armada of Kree troopers and ships. Having restocked a plethora of arrows, Hawkeye springs into motion however suffers a deadly blunder when an enemy blast triggers the explosive arrows in his quiver. Unable to take away the harness, Clint borrows a jet pack and flies towards a Kree battleship, the next explosion stopping the assault at the price of his life in one of many Avengers’ most heartbreaking deaths.

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In Deadpool and Cable #12 by Fabian Nieceza and Patrick Zircher, Deadpool is understanding particulars of an unorthodox plan to revive his good friend Nathan Summers aka Cable’s telekinetic and telepathic powers. Sadly, some folks don’t want the highly effective mutant to return to energy and employed Deadpool’s replacement Alex Hayden aka Agent X, a mercenary with an advanced and private historical past with Deadpool, to cease Wade’s plans. Throughout their battle, Deadpool threatens to set off an immolation cost connected to his harness earlier than Alex can shoot him. When Alex doesn’t consider him, Wade reminds him that such instruments have a failsafe launch that’d “forestall it from catching on fireplace and forcing you to fly into Kree spaceships and blow up.”

Deadpool ruins Hawkeye's death

Deadpool’s feedback not solely name out the heroic sacrifice Hawkeye made in Avengers Disassembled but in addition criticize his actions afterward. When Clint was introduced again to life in Home of M, the later restoration of his recollections noticed him search out Wanda Maxmioff, offended that she orchestrated the occasions that brought on his loss of life. After the occasions of Home of M have been reversed, Hawkeye’s return was not corrected, and the resurrected Clint Barton would finally rejoin the Avengers in certainly one of Hawkeye’s finest Marvel comics tales. But when Deadpool’s feedback are true, which means that Hawkeye both didn’t have the failsafe put in or within the warmth of the second, forgot it was in place. Not solely does that imply his loss of life may have been prevented however that his anger shouldn’t have rested utterly on Wanda’s shoulders however on himself as nicely.

Deadpool’s distinctive perspective permits him to be the mouthpiece of his creators, his humor enabling commentary on main Marvel characters or moments that permits the viewers to level and giggle on the nonsensical moments throughout the style. Though this was not the final time Hawkeye and Deadpool would butt heads, Wade’s feedback about Clint’s memorable demise could possibly be seen as a veiled criticism about escalating the drama of an occasion with an pointless loss of life that may solely be retconned later, thus stripping it of any emotional impact or consequence.

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