Depth of Pyaar (Long Synopsis)

Directed By : Mukesh Asopa Copyright @Asopa Films Inc.

Ansh is a young boy who is a medical anomaly, unable to go outside due to his sensitivity to light. Much to the frustration of his mother, Parvati, and his twin brother, Yash, nobody can provide an explanation for his condition.

Twenty years later, a notorious killer known as “Zabojca” is at large. He calls people with money and demands a ransom to be deposited into an offshore bank account. Anyone who refuses or does not comply within 24 hours is either murdered or loses members of their family to murder. His modus operandi involves attacking his victims under cover of darkness where they feel safest, and then turning on the water taps before leaving the crime scenes. The police have yet to make an arrest, though a determined investigation is still going on, headed by Inspector Deshkova and assisted by Constable Jackson.

Meanwhile, Yash is a lawyer, working as a junior partner to his mother’s closest friend, Munshiji. Together, they tackle corruption in the city, with varying levels of success. Yash is also in a relationship with Munshiji’s daughter, Pari, who works as an ambulance driver. Parvati is now a philanthropist who is heavily involved with local politics, as well as the police. Her relationship with Ansh, however, is less successful. Ansh displays an interest in music and poetry, but he is still struggling to have a life beyond the confines of his bedroom. Only his brother, Yash, shows any kind of patience for him anymore.

Deshkova and Jackson’s investigation of Zabojca leads them to a man who paid Zabojca off rather than risk getting killed. Although they get information on his method and even a phone number, however, they are nowhere closer to finding out how to find him, or even who he is. The money is also impossible to recover, as is confirmed by a lawyer named Nina Utkina. Zabojca also continues to kill more victims, including one of Yash’s clients. 


On the advice of Munshiji, and after some difficulty in finding candidates, Parvati hires a young woman named Maya to spend time with Ansh and encourage him to moving out of his comfort zone. Despite Ansh’s reclusive and introverted disposition, Maya manages to form a connection with him. 

Munshiji and Yash continue to push several cases against powerful and corrupt men, even as Yash is repeatedly frustrated by the uphill battles. Munshiji is also brought into the Zabojca case by Inspector Deshkova as they pursue a new lead on Zabojca’s identity. A prison inmate named Volodya provides them with information on Zabojca’s backstory in return for time off his own sentence. 

Meanwhile, Pari and Yash spend time together in between their busy schedules. They become officially engaged at a dinner party in Parvati’s home. On Maya’s advice, they hold the dinner by candlelight so that Ansh will leave his bedroom and join everyone at the table. When everyone is assembled, Pari and Yash become formally engaged. 

However, this happiness is threatened when Zabojca leaves a message on Parvati’s home phone, demanding ransom money. Parvati misses the message, however, leading to an attack on Yash by Zabojca. Although Pari finds him and calls 911, he is pronounced dead at the hospital. 

Ansh is left to grieve his brother’s death, with only Maya by his side. The two of them bond over their shared losses in life, and Ansh reveals his deepest secret; that he found his father after he’d died.  

Zabojca, however, is not finished with Ansh and Yash’s family. Under the cover of darkness and the sound of taps going off, he murders Maya. Ansh, accustomed to the dark, witnesses the attack, and is devastated at the death of his beloved. He is taken to the hospital when the police are notified. Surprisingly, a medical examination of Ansh reveals that his condition has improved.

Despite this good news, however, Ansh is devastated by the death of Maya. A flashback reveals that Ansh always wanted to go back to India someday, and Maya suggested that they could go visit India together. 

It is then revealed that Yash is not dead after all. His death was covered up by Deshkova and Jackson, with Pari being the only other person to know of Yash’s survival. She is unable to even tell Parvati, out of fear that Zabojca will try to kill him if he suspects that Yash is still alive.

At Parvati’s request, Munshiji approaches Ansh and tries to speak with him. When Ansh lashes out at him verbally, Munshiji confronts him on his father’s death, and the fact that Munshiji was also there. Ansh accuses Munshiji of not helping his father, but Munshiji reveals that his father took his own life due to scandal in India. The uncertainty over what Ansh may or may not have seen caused a long, unspoken rift between Munshiji and Ansh. 

This realisation is the final push for Ansh to leave his house and step outside for the first time in many years. As he tries to come to terms with everything that’s happened, he comes across a blind man who kindly hears him out and offers him advice on how to handle his newfound freedom to go outside.

Pari, meanwhile, continues to visit Yash, who is being kept in Deshkova’s basement while he recovers. For the first time in his life, Yash has to stay hidden inside, just like his brother Ansh had done for so long. He is isolated and frustrated, hoping that Zabojca will be caught soon.

Little does he know that Zabojca’s identity is revealed. While shopping for glasses, Ansh notices Zabojca and recognises him from the night he killed Maya. Ansh stalks the unsuspecting killer and murders him in his own home using Zabojca’s own style of killing. Deshkova and Jackson are confused by this turn of events; they suspect that Zabojca has been killed, but they don’t know for sure. They urge Yash to stay hidden as a precaution.

Ansh goes through his brother’s legal files and sees that there are many men that are guilty of corruption and worse. With the help of an informant named Alex Graff, Ansh takes up the mantle of vigilantism, adopting Mr. Zabojca’s style for his own. His first victim is the corrupt businessman Russell Green, one of the men whom Munshiji and Yash were trying to prosecute. Ansh attacks him while he is at a motel with a prostitute.

Later, Ansh is confronted by Parvati for the way he is acting around everyone. Ansh finally confronts Parvati on how he has been treated and accuses her of being a terrible mother. Parvati and Ansh argue furiously back and forth until Ansh storms out of the house, leaving Parvati in tears.

Deshkova and Jackson receive confirmation that Zabojca, the killer whom they’ve been chasing, is the most recent murder victim. Their frustration at this news is only compounded when Alex Graff turns himself in, claiming that Yash murdered Russell Green. 

Later, Jackson confronts Yash with this revelation, though Yash is hesitant to believe it.  Jackson implores him to assist in capturing Ansh before more people die, appealing to his position as a lawyer.

Parvati and Munshiji are finally told that Yash is still alive, much to their shock and anger. Munshiji confronts his daughter for lying to everyone and helping Deshkova conceal the truth. After he demands to know why the secret is being revealed now, Pari explains what is going on.

In Deshkova’s office, Yash calls his brother and tells him he will be going into the witness protection program until Zabojca is caught, but he would like to see Ansh one last time. Ansh agrees to meet him without telling him that Zabojca is already dead. Torn between his belief in justice and guilt over how he treated his brother for so long, Yash apologises to Ansh. Ansh gives no answer before hanging up, and Yash storms out.

Instead of going to the rendezvous, however, Ansh departs from his home for the last time, leaving a letter for a tearful Parvati. Ansh also meets with the blind man from before and thanks him for helping him. He gifts the man with his violin before disappearing. 

It is revealed that after Pari told him the truth about Yash, Munshiji warned Ansh  about the plan to arrest him. When confronted by a furious Deshkova, Munshiji confronts her in turn about going over the law to catch Zabojca and explains that he owed Ansh for failing to help him, and he was also worn down from failing to bring criminals to justice. When Deshkova threatens him with disbarment or even imprisonment, Munshiji explains that he is retiring anyway, giving his practice over to Yash instead. After Deshkova storms out, Munshiji finally tells Parvati the truth about what happened to her husband. 

Yash sits outside with Pari once again, wondering whether he did the right thing helping the police instead of his brother. Pari is still recovering emotionally from all that she has gone through, to the point that she had to move into a new apartment. The two of them comfort each other, vowing that they will be alright now that they can resume their lives together again, bound by love, or ‘pyaar.’

Later on, Ansh’s disappearance is being reported in the news, even as a corrupt government official named Oscar Frew receives a telephone call from Ansh, who orders Frew to turn himself into the police within 24 hours or else. When Frew demands to whom he’s speaking, Ansh declares that he is Zabojca before hanging up. 


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