Diablo 4: How to Get the Grandfather Unique Two-Handed Sword?

Diablo 4 Overview

Diablo 4, developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, is an action role-playing game that focuses on multiplayer gameplay. Serving as the fourth main installment in the Diablo series, it was released on June 5, 2023, for multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Microsoft Windows.

The game offers a highly replayable experience through its procedurally generated dungeons, ensuring that each playthrough presents unique challenges and rewards. With a strong emphasis on loot-based character-building, players have the opportunity to continuously improve and customize their characters by acquiring powerful gear.

One notable addition to the series is the introduction of an open world, expanding the scope of the Diablo universe. This vast and immersive environment invites players to explore diverse landscapes, uncover hidden secrets, and encounter various enemies and quests. This open-world element enhances the sense of adventure and discovery, making Diablo 4 a captivating and engaging experience for players.

Diablo 4: How to Get the Grandfather Unique Two-Handed Sword

Acquiring the Grandfather unique two-handed sword in Diablo 4 can be quite challenging due to its rarity. Here are some tips on how to increase your chances of obtaining this powerful weapon:

Reach Level 85

  • The Grandfather will only start dropping once your character has reached level 85.

World Tier 4

  • Play the game in World Tier 4 to maximize your chances of finding ultra-rare items like the Grandfather.

Farm Nightmare Kor Dragan Barracks

  • Focus on farming high-tier Nightmare versions of the Kor Dragan Barracks. Vampires, specifically the Revenant Knights, have a higher chance of dropping two-handed swords. Look for Nightmare Sigils with the Magic Find modifier, as this increases the amount of loot dropped by enemies. Finding a Kor Dragan Barracks sigil with this modifier provides the best chance of obtaining the Grandfather from any loot source within the dungeon.

Play as a Barbarian or Necromancer

  • Since the drop tables are adjusted based on the character you’re playing, it’s recommended to farm for the Grandfather using either the Barbarian or Necromancer class.

Party Up

  • Running dungeons with a full party maximizes the odds of getting the Grandfather unique sword, as each player receives their own instanced loot.

Remember, the drop rate for ultra-rare items like the Grandfather is extremely low, so be prepared for a lengthy and challenging farming process.




Grandfather Unique Two-Handed Sword in Diablo 4

The Grandfather is a highly sought-after unique two-handed sword in Diablo 4. It is considered one of the rarest items in the game and has the potential to greatly enhance a character’s power. Although it does not possess a unique special ability, the Grandfather stands out due to its exceptionally high affix values. It provides bonuses such as increased maximum Life, a percentage boost to all damage, improved stats, and the ability to ignore durability loss.

One of its most appealing features is its remarkably high Critical Strike Damage modifier. The Grandfather can be wielded by Barbarians and Necromancers, as they are the classes capable of using two-handed swords in Diablo 4. Obtaining this powerful weapon requires dedicated farming and a bit of luck due to its ultra-rare drop rate.

Diablo 4 Gameplay

The core gameplay of Diablo 4 centers around the progression of acquiring increasingly powerful equipment by triumphing over progressively challenging enemies. Players are given the choice to select a character class and have the flexibility to customize their skills by utilizing equipment and talent trees. Engaging in combat involves utilizing class-specific abilities strategically to overcome a diverse array of enemy types, each possessing its own distinctive traits and roles within the game world.

Diablo 4 places significant importance on the pursuit of discovering and equipping formidable gear, as rare items bestow unique effects that can significantly influence and enhance the In Diablo 4, various attributes play a crucial role in determining a character’s combat effectiveness. Attributes like attack and critical chance directly impact the damage output of the character, while defense and elemental resistance enhance their survivability against enemy attacks.


Additionally, Diablo 4 introduces three new attributes: Angelic, Demonic, and Ancestral Power. These attributes bring unique mechanics to the game, as they influence the duration of beneficial and negative effects, allowing players to strategically manage buffs and debuffs. Furthermore, the Ancestral Power attribute increases the chance of effects being applied to other entities, opening up new possibilities for crowd control and support-oriented playstyles.

Diablo 4 boasts an expansive loot system that enables players to obtain and personalize their gear by utilizing runes and runewords. While trading and crafting are available, they are restricted to resources that fall outside the realm of the most potent items. The game incorporates limited-time seasons that introduce changes to legendary powers, effectively shifting the meta-game and providing fresh experiences. Microtransactions are also present, primarily offering cosmetic items to enhance the visual appearance of characters and their equipment.

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