Did HYBE Accidentally Spoil BTS’s Latest Comeback? Here’s Everything That We Know

Despite the BTS members being on an extended vacation after a busy 2021, it seems as if the group is ready to start performing again. On February 16, it was announced that the group would be holding concerts in Seoul and, after reports from media, it seems like the next few months also hold a potential comeback.

Members of BTS | @bts_twt/ Twitter

Well, it seems like that could be sooner rather than later as ARMYs noticed that HYBE might have spoiled details of the latest comeback… by accident!

On February 17 (KST), eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed something about BTS’s YouTube channel, and it was the fact that under their profile, a new album seemed to have magically appeared with the name “Forever.”

The alleged spoiler album cover | @BIGHIT_INFO / Twitter

| @BIGHIT_INFO / Twitter


If that wasn’t enough, there even seemed to be a tracklist for this alleged BTS album. On the surface, it seemed legit with a lot of iconic tracks such as “Butter” and “Euphoria,” and some thought it could be hinting at an album featuring all the group’s biggest tracks.


| @BIGHIT_INFO / Twitter

| @BIGHIT_INFO / Twitter

It also came up as the latest album for BTS if you searched it on Google, so it wasn’t surprising that ARMYs jumped to conclusions.

| @oldbtsarchive/ Twitter

Of course, when the images were first shared, ARMYs couldn’t help but get excited at the idea that HYBE might have accidentally spoiled the album. Many even joked that an intern had been left alone in the offices and made a mistake.

Yet, some of the in-depth details about the album, from the record company to the date of release made ARMYs start to doubt the legitimacy. In particular, the record label was “J Records” rather than HYBE or BIGHIT MUSIC and the release date was apparently February 15.

| @oldbtsarchive/ Twitter

When fans started to piece things together, it seemed as if it all might have been a mistake as ARMYs found proof that the YouTube channel might have actually been hacked or just had a glitch.

The first thing fans noticed was that YouTube is currently updating the way artists’ YouTube accounts are set up. With this in mind, many thought there could’ve been a glitch in the system that caused this.

| @oldbtsarchive/ Twitter

| @oldbtsarchive/ Twitter

Many found that the album cover had actually been edited, and the original design was already on the internet for another design. Also, seeing the two covers together is no denying that they are identical.

| @oldbtsarchive/ Twitter

Neither YouTube nor BIGHIT MUSIC/ HYBE has released a statement regarding the issue. Until then, ARMYs will wait patiently to find out the truth.

Even though it might have been a simple mistake, there’s no denying ARMYs are all eager for a new BTS album. Here’s hoping for a group comeback soon!”

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