Did NASA’s Mars Rover Actually Discover A Doorway On The Crimson Planet?

Whereas exploring Mars for historical life, NASA’s Curiosity rover discovered one thing fascinating: a rock formation that appears similar to an alien doorway.

NASA’s Curiosity rover just lately shared an image of a ‘doorway’ on Mars, and as is often the case with this stuff, many individuals are questioning how the unusual object got here to be. Though it is a minuscule speck in comparison with the whole lot of the universe, our Photo voltaic System is house to every kind of mysteries. Jupiter has an enormous storm that is been raging on for a whole lot of years. Saturn’s intricate ring system is in contrast to any of its neighboring planets. Uranus is the one planet within the Photo voltaic System to spin on its aspect.

And, after all, there’s Mars. Whereas it might not have record-breaking storms or an enormous ring system, Mars stands out for its personal causes. It is one of many closest planets to Earth, was as soon as house to historical lakes, and has recorded proof of carbon on the planet — one of many key constructing blocks for all times. Scientists have but to verify if life ever did (or nonetheless does) exist on Mars, however it’s one thing people are repeatedly looking for out.


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One of many primary methods we have tried attempting to find Martian life is with rovers like Curiosity and Perseverance. These rovers patrol the Crimson Planet, analyze its floor, and seize seemingly countless photographs of their journies. That final level has confirmed to be one of the vital buzzworthy points of the rovers. As you may count on, sharing hundreds upon hundreds of photographs of an alien world usually turns up peculiar outcomes. NASA’s rovers have noticed rock formations that appear to be spaceships, worms, and even large frogs. Most just lately, the web is raving over a new Curiosity photo that seems to reveal an alien ‘doorway’ on Mars.

The Reality Behind This Martian ‘Doorway’

Mars by NASA.

At first look, the thing above actually does appear to be a doorway. It is nestled into a big rock formation and seems to have a deep entrance. There’s additionally what appears to be like like a small rock awning over the doorway of the doorway. Whereas the entire thing appears to be like like one thing Mars aliens might have constructed hundreds of thousands of years in the past, the truth of the ‘doorway’ is not practically as thrilling.

Like we have seen with photographs of Mars ‘worms’ and ‘frogs,’ the doorway you see right here is not really a doorway in any respect. As an alternative, it is only a pure formation carved into a part of Mars’ rocky floor. Chatting with Live Science, geologist Neil Hodgson theorizes that the Mars doorway is the results of erosion on the Crimson Planet. Hodgson believes that the rock making up the outer a part of the doorway is strata — ‘tougher sandy beds’ that will have fashioned in an historical river. Because the strata’s been uncovered to the fixed wind on Mars’ floor for billions of years, it is regularly morphed right into a ‘doorway.’ Gizmodo additionally spoke with Ashwin Vasavada from the Mars Science Laboratory, who mentioned that the doorway is “simply the area between two fractures in a rock.”

Even when the Mars doorway will not be some historical alien construction, it is nonetheless a shocking instance of Mars’ geology. A planet that primarily consists of rocks and sand does not sound thrilling on the floor, however as we have seen time and time once more, Mars is house to some actually unbelievable visuals. Whether or not it’s a worm, doorway, or no matter else NASA finds subsequent, Mars is nothing if not entertaining.

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Supply: NASA, Live Science, Gizmodo

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