Did THAT Umbrella Academy Character Really Die In Season 3?

WARNING: Spoilers forward for The Umbrella Academy season 3

Is Allison Hargreeves nonetheless alive after The Umbrella Academy season 3? Or are heavenly shenanigans afoot? Solely probably the most daring Umbrella Academy fan would’ve put Allison turning into a serious antagonist on their season 3 bingo card. Already glum after leaving her Sixties husband behind in favor of a 2019 return, Allison descends additional into distress upon discovering her daughter, Claire, would not exist within the Sparrow timeline. Courtesy of Harlan’s outburst on October 1, 1989, Allison was by no means born on this actuality. Her ex-husband may stay in precisely the identical home, however he conceived a very totally different daughter with a totally totally different spouse.


Pushed to despair by two tragic losses, Allison turns into an more and more unfastened cannon in The Umbrella Academy season 3, appearing aggressively towards the opposite Hargreeves siblings and even rumoring Luther right into a romantic clinch. Allison’s downward spiral hits all-time low when she conspires with the Sparrow timeline’s Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who seeks to remake the universe in his personal design. Because of Allison herself pushing the massive crimson button, this perfidious purpose is achieved.

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The Umbrella Academy season 3 ends with each remaining character (and one non-remaining character in Luther) taking their first tentative steps into the “Hargreeves Enterprises” timeline. The one absentees are Sloane – whose standing is a complete thriller – and Allison, who returns to her Beverly Hills dwelling. This time, nonetheless, she walks upstairs to seek out Claire restored and her Sixties husband, Raymond Chestnut, the lady’s father – the proper household unit Allison all the time dreamed about. Is Allison lifeless on this ultimate scene, or has historical past been rewritten?

Why Allison Would possibly Be Alive After Season 3

The Umbrella Academy leaves two very totally different interpretations of Allison’s destiny for audiences to chew over till season 4 – one during which she survives, one other the place she dies. The model the place Allison lives begins when drunk Quantity 5 spies Allison and Sir Reginald Hargreeves conspiring collectively in Lodge Obsidian’s White Buffalo suite. It is right here that Reginald convinces Allison to help along with his plan of resetting the universe however, naturally, the Monocle should’ve supplied Allison an incentive to cooperate in his century-old plot. The Umbrella Academy by no means explicitly reveals the phrases they agreed, although one can safely assume Claire, Raymond, and Allison’s joyful ending in season 3’s dying minutes are concerned.

Conquering Oblivion and assembling the seven bells inside permits Sir Reginald to reset the universe, and he creates a brand new timeline the place Abigail (his lover from Umbrella Academy season 1’s flashback) is alive, and “Hargreeves Enterprises” dominates the fashionable world. All indicators point out this reset gave Reginald full authority to rewrite each single element of actuality. Parachuting Raymond Chestnut into 2019 and making him each Allison’s husband and Claire’s father very in all probability falls inside the Oblivion machine’s remit, so possibly this was the association 5 witnessed Allison making. She’d betray her personal siblings to assist Reginald; in return, Reginald would make Allison’s good household a actuality in his reset universe.

This model of occasions would imply Allison is alive when The Umbrella Academy season 3 ends, and the one motive she is not among the many different Hargreeves siblings within the ultimate scene is as a result of Reginald’s reset whisked her straight to Beverly Hills for a contented reunion.

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Did Allison Survive The Season 3 Finale?

Emmy Raver Lampman as Allison in Umbrella Academy

An alternate (and altogether extra lethal) interpretation of The Umbrella Academy‘s season 3 finale may show Allison is definitely deceased when the ultimate episode’s credit roll. As soon as once more, Allison and Sir Reginald lower a deal whereby she helps collect up the Hargreeves siblings for Mission Oblivion, and Reginald brings again Claire/Raymond inside his new actuality. All the things goes to plan till Allison realizes the Oblivion machine makes use of her siblings as gas, so after Reginald is completed making ready the reset, she kills him and makes use of herself because the energy supply to spare everybody else.

As a result of Allison is producing the method, she’s not included in The Umbrella Academy‘s new timeline, whereas (virtually) everybody else makes it by way of. Allison herself alludes towards this when telling Viktor in The Umbrella Academy season 3’s “Oblivion” episode about her take care of Reginald. Although she would not disclose specifics, Allison does say, “I did this for all of us… Luther and Klaus too.” The admission presumably reveals Allison is already planning on sacrificing herself if it means defending/resurrecting the opposite Hargreeves siblings.

If Allison offers her life after realizing the reality of Sir Reginald’s plot by energizing the machine inside Lodge Oblivion alone, her joyful ending with Raymond and Claire in The Umbrella Academy season 3’s ultimate moments should happen inside the afterlife void. Reginald hasn’t pulled any strings to cheat the timeline and provides Allison her good household; Allison died and is spending her posthumous existence dreaming concerning the two individuals she loves most – her daughter and her one real love.

Why Allison Would possibly Be In Heaven In Umbrella Academy

Two cleverly convincing clues level towards Allison knocking on heaven’s door after The Umbrella Academy season 3 ends. When Klaus and Luther are ricocheting by way of numerous “rooms” of the afterlife, The Umbrella Academy establishes the foundations underpinning its heavenly void. Touchdown inside a children’ get together (full with bounce home, after all) Klaus complains, “That is somebody’s thought of heaven?” The road confirms Umbrella Academy‘s afterlife includes a sequence of areas the place the deceased expertise no matter they need, from watching their baby on Earth whereas having fun with a bowl of menuto, to bouncing round a rubber citadel that smells of stale puke and juice. If that is how posthumous existence works in The Umbrella Academy, it makes complete sense that Allison’s “heaven” is her misplaced baby, her beloved husband, and her Beverly Hills dwelling. Klaus all of a sudden defining the afterlife’s nature in The Umbrella Academy season 3 feels surprisingly positioned, and will’ve been meant to subtly set the stage forward of Allison’s ending.

Allison Hargreeves dying on the finish of The Umbrella Academy‘s “Oblivion” additionally affords her a far stronger redemption arc after some deeply questionable conduct throughout season 3. If Allison is alive and bought out her siblings in order that Reginald would convey again Claire and Raymond, she has a lot to reply for in The Umbrella Academy season 4. But when Allison made the noble sacrifice to ensure her brothers and sisters’ security and solely reunites with Claire and Raymond within the afterlife, Allison finds herself taking steps down the trail to forgiveness.

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Umbrella Academy viewers praying for Allison’s survival (not that loss of life means a lot at this level…) needn’t worry. Regardless of loads of proof on the “Allison is lifeless” facet of season 3’s fence, one essential element factors in direction of her survival. When the Hargreeves kids arrive in Sir Reginald’s renewed timeline, they’re disadvantaged of their powers. This is probably going as a result of the Oblivion machine burned up their interior alien mild particles that offered powers like immortality, time journey and… er, knife tips. If the reset drained all seven “bells” of their items, Allison in all probability did not give her life to energy the common reset, and making a world the place Claire and Raymond are each alive was all the time her reward for cooperating with Sir Reginald’s Mission Oblivion.

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