Disappointment Persists in “King the Land” K-Drama Despite Brilliant Cast – Why?

Disappointment in “King the Land” remains solid among K-drama fans. Despite its star-studded cast and previous dating rumors between lead actors YoonA and Lee Junho, ratings for “King the Land” continue to fall short of expectations. So, what happened to “King the Land,” and why did the Kdrama’s ratings drop? Check out the following discussion for the complete report.

Ratings for “King the Land” K-Drama Continues to Drop Even with YoonA and Lee Junho as the Cast

“King the Land” Kdrama has been one of the most highly-anticipated projects this year. Along with granting fans’ wishes of uniting the brilliant cast, YoonA and Lee Junho, only in “King the Land” Kdrama we see both sweet and steamy romance between the two actors. 

The chemistry between YoonA and Lee Junho has been so intense that the public was suspicious of them secretly dating. Unfortunately, both actors denied the rumors, resulting in fans’ disappointment.

However, even with the impeccable chemistry of YoonA x Lee Junho and their viral dating rumors, the project remains a disappointment among Kdrama fans.

After being caught in a severe controversy involving Arab culture and royalty, “King the Land” K-drama now faces a significant ratings drop.


During episode 8, ratings for “King the Land” Kdrama reached double digits at 12.3% surviving the setbacks of the Arab Prince controversy. 


However, the number doesn’t last long. Nielsen Korea recorded that ratings drop for “King the Land” Kdrama starting from episode 10 at 11.3%. Then it continued to decline at 9% for episode 11, according to OSEN’s report on July 23.

Declining Interest from the Audience

From the moment when the production team revealed YoonA and Lee Junho’s confirmation as King the Land” main cast, expectations have been skyrocketing for the project. Kakao Entertainment even created a special webtoon, adapted from the drama. 

This is especially significant considering that the Kdrama is positioned as a classic rom-com, marking a shift for the two actors from their previous intense and poignant yet impressive roles in “Big Mouth” and “The Red Sleeve”.

Unfortunately, the production team has failed to meet this high expectation.

Indeed, “King the Land” still remains one of the most buzzworthy Kdramas today. However, as viewers increasingly find its trite and outdated themes intolerable, the nationwide ratings of the Kdrama continue to decline.

Insight Korea reported on July 23 that the reason behind the ratings drop was because of its dragging storyline. Kdrama enthusiasts believed there was nothing more to expect in the plot. “King the Land” shows very few content, and the characters are simply two-dimensional and mediocre. All in all, most viewers have lost interest in the Kdrama.

Viewers’ comments on “King the Land” Kdrama ratings drop. | Insights
Viewers’ comments on “King the Land” Kdrama ratings drop. | Insights

“King the Land”? No. It’s “Kiss the Land”

The same disappointment also filled Insight Korea’s Instagram post. In the comments, viewers stated that they had expected a special tale since “King the Land” Kdrama had recruited YoonA and Lee Junho as main cast. However, it all proved to be in vain.

Storyline was too cheap and embarrassing to watch. Some viewers even compared the drama to “Boys Over Flowers”, that YoonA and Lee Junho’s drama has a similar vibe to a project released over a decade ago.

Some even stated that the Kdrama took too much advantage of YoonA and Lee Junho chemistry by giving it too much romance. That is why the story becomes overly cliché, cringy, and predictable. Worse, some even nicknamed the Kdrama: “Kiss the Land”.

Audience’s Reactions:
  • “I’m personally very disappointed with ‘King The Land’. I was really looking forward to a special storyline because they announced YoonA and Junho as the leads last year. But it turned out to be just the same old style as ‘Boys Over Flowers’…The storyline is too embarrassing and predictable… This is why I’m losing interest in the drama.”
  • “I knew I wasn’t the only one thinking this way…”
  • “Too childish and out of date.”
  • “It’s too slow. And the plot drags. They simply keep replaying songs while overemphasizing the romantic love line. Even the music is too distracting! You can just tell that they are trying too hard.”
  • “I can’t believe a drama like ‘King the Land’ is still airing in this era.”
  • “Lol.. It’s a prince charming story from the 70s!”
  • “They’re criticizing the drama as ‘Kiss the Land’ because they have literally nothing else to show. Do they really think creating love scenes is all it takes to create a (good) drama?”
  • “It’s more fun to watch ‘The Red Sleeve’ reruns.”
  • “Been rewatching ‘The Red Sleeve’ for over 2 years, but still cannot stand rewatching one episode of ‘King the Land’. Already tired of all the kiss-scene edits on Instagram.”

So, what about you? Are you disappointed in YoonA and Lee Junho’s drama too?

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