Disney Plus to Establish the Kang Full Universe After “Moving”: A Rising Era of K-Superhero!


A new era of the K-superhero universe will soon rise in the Korean drama industry! Disney Plus will reportedly sign a first-look contract with writer Kang Full, the creator behind the sensational superhero webtoon-adapted Korean drama, “Moving”. Check out the complete details in the following comprehensive report.

Disney Plus to Sign ‘First-Look’ Contract for Turning Kang Full Universe into Webtoon-Adapted Korean Drama

Disney Plus will reportedly sign a ‘first-look’ contract with Kang Full, creator of the “Moving” webtoon-adapted Korean drama.

On November 15, News1’s exclusive report revealed that Disney Plus had planned a collaboration with Kang Full, the original creator behind its global sensation, “Moving”.

The video platform and production company aimed to sign a ‘first-look’ contract with Kang Full, allowing them to acquire the first rights to any content that the creator was developing in his webtoon series. This contract typically forms based on the performance and recognition of directors, producers, actors, and the entire production team, which Kang Full had previously excelled through “Moving”.

According to the report, the global platform was planning to establish the fan-speculated ‘Kang Full Universe’. Not only that, but they had also arranged to turn this ‘Kang Full Universe’ into a Disney Plus franchise, starting with “Moving”.

Disney Plus press conference for “Moving” webtoon-adapted Korean drama. | Twitter
Disney Plus press conference for “Moving” webtoon-adapted Korean drama. | Twitter

The Rising Era of K-Superhero in Korean Drama Starting with “Moving”

Further in the report, Disney Plus reportedly aims to establish a new K-superhero genre in Korean drama. This project started with Kang Full’s first webtoon adaptation, “Moving”.


Interestingly, this first-look contract is similar to Disney’s previous path with Jerry Bruckheimer. He is the producer of “Armageddon” and “Alien.”


Most importantly, it was also the same start when signing a deal with Stan Lee, the legend behind “Avengers” and “Captain America”.

To realize this plan, Disney Plus will reportedly adapt Kang Full’s successful webtoon collections: “Moving” (recently adapted to Korean drama), “Timing”, “Again”, “Shop of the Lamp”, and “Bridge”, into a highly-engaging superhero Korean drama franchise. Then, the company will produce an entire franchise of Korean-style superheroes based on the Kang Full Universe.

By adapting the Kang Full Universe into a franchise, it will be possible for Disney Plus to create separate projects based on the webtoon series. 

For example, Disney can create a new series based on only a single character from “Moving” webtoon. It is similar with what they produced with “Iron Man” and “Black Widow” from “Avengers”.

Will Kang Full Accept the Offer?

Indeed, establishing a new K-superhero era in Korean drama is definitely a grand plan from Disney Plus. However, do you think “Moving” creator Kang Full accepted the offer?

According to News1, both Disney Plus and Kang Full refused to comment on this contract. The “Moving” webtoon author simply stated that he would discuss the details later.

“I have never really rested while drawing cartoons, so we’re taking a sabbatical rest until December. We’ll continue detailed discussions later.” 

Kang Full.

Finally, what do you think about the future possibility of the K-superhero genre in Korean drama? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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