Doja Cat’s Hairstylist Reveals One Of Her Most Iconic Hairstyles Was Actually Inspired By BTS’s Jimin

When it comes to idols who are true trendsetters, one person who should never be left off the list is BTS‘s Jimin. Since debuting, he has gained the love of fans and brands worldwide with his iconic look and charming personality, cementing his status as the “Global IT Boy.”

BTS’s Jimin

Well, there is no end to the limitless influence Jimin has after it was revealed that his style and look actually influenced the stylist of global superstar Doja Cat! Since she became famous, Doja Cat has also wowed fans worldwide with her talent and unique looks.

Doja Cat | @dojacat/ Instagram

And it seems as if Jimin has influenced that style. Color specialist Jessica Jewel is known as Doja Cat’s hairstylist and recently shared some behind-the-scenes TMI about the hairstyle that the artist used during the “Get Into It (Yuh)” music video.

In the clip, Doja Cat has this short, bright pink hair that definitely stands out against the set and fits perfectly for the song.


| Doja Cat/ YouTube


| Doja Cat/ YouTube 

Jessica Jewel recently revealed on her TikTok that the influence for the style actually came from Jimin. In the video, Jessica Jewel shared a message from someone explaining that they wanted her to come up with some ideas for Doja Cat’s looks.

| @thejesjewel/ TikTok 

Despite the initial freaking out, the clip then switched to pictures of Jimin with his brightly colored looks. The text message explained that it was this style of cut that they wanted to use for Doja Cat, and it was the exact style Jimin has been known for.

| @thejesjewel/ TikTok

Jessica Jewel then shared the process of creating the wig and all the details that went into making sure it looked perfect. After a lot of work, there is no denying that the style looked great on Doja Cat and had the feel of Jimin’s style with a unique twist.

| @thejesjewel/ TikTok

| @thejesjewel/ TikTok

When the video was posted and ARMYs discovered the influence of the haircut, they couldn’t get over the influence of Jimin and his style for another huge global superstar.

Even people on social media shared their love and appreciation for the inspiration, explaining that it only cemented Jimin’s influence worldwide and also just how much style he has.

Although ARMYs have always known about Jimin’s power and influence, it seems as if that has been on notice even more recently. From making an unexpected cameo at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and earning an honorary degree from Busan High School of Arts, Jimin has proved that he is a superstar.

You can read more about Jimin’s status as the “Global IT boy” below.

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Source: @thejesjewel and Doja Cat

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