Don Cheadle Says He Wasn’t Involved In Armor Wars Feature Film Decision

A few months back, Marvel gave an update on its newly announced Armor War series. The update was that the Armor War series will be turning into a feature film. According to the Hollywood Reporter reports, the decision was taken because the makers felt that making a film will be the right way to tell the War Machine story.

But looks like Don Cheadle wasn’t involved in this decision-making. Let’s have a look at what the Armor War actor has to say about this decision further in this article. As of now, no directors have been assigned to the film. Don Cheadle will be reprising his role as War Machine/Rhodey.

Other cast members and the plot line is not yet revealed. According to a Reddit user, it was known that Marvel hired four writers for the series. The writers include Rayna McClendon, Emma Fletcher, Lekethia Dalcoe, and Garrick Bernard.

Don Cheadle recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live where they both had a discussion about the Armor Wars film. Kimmel asked him whether he was involved in the decision-making of switching the Disney+ series to film. Don replied that he doesn’t make these decisions at Marvel.

Further Jimmy asks, ” Interesting. I thought War Machine would just tell everybody what he wants to do.” Hearing this, Don responded saying that “War Machine is a fictional character. “


Don Cheadle will also return as War Machine in the upcoming Nick Fury series named “Secret Invasion”. You can read more about this series, here.

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