Dying Light 2 Garrison Electrical Station, Check Out How To Activate The Garrison Electrical Substation

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Stay Human, which is also known as Dying Light 2 is a 2022 action role-playing game. The game was developed and published by Techland. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on February 4, 2022 as the sequel of  2015’s Dying Light. They are currently developing the Nintendo Switch version for the cloud. Many of the fans of Dying light were excited about the sequel of the game, which was released recently on February 4, 2022.

Dying Light 2 Garrison Electrical Station

The Garrison Electrical Substation is located just south of VNC Tower in southern Garrison. You’ll be entrusted with connecting cables to various generators/terminals in order to refill electricity to the territory, just like previous Dying Light 2 Facilities. There is, however, a minor snag with this one. You’ll learn about multi-function generators/terminals when you activate the Garrison Electrical Substation. As the name says, they have a variety of uses and will include both numbers and letters. The letters correspond to gates that can be opened, while the numbers belong to additional terminals that must be connected to.

How To Activate The Garrison Electrical Substation?

  • Connect green Terminal A/B to red Terminal A with the cable. To open Gate A, press the button to the right of it. Disconnect Terminal A’s cable and connect it to Terminal B inside the right-hand gate. Press the button to the right of it, to open Gate B 

  • Pass through Gate B and proceed right towards a turbine in the ground floor’s centre. A yellow pipe runs along the wall beyond it. Climb one storey up the pipe and into the room on the left.

  • On the right wall, you’ll see the green Terminal 1/C. Carry the cable out of the yellow gate and down to the first level after opening it. Instead of inserting it into the red Terminal 1, jump up the white and green boxes to the right.  Climb to the top of the ledge, then back up to the closed grey double doors.

  • Hook the cord to the red Terminal C through the open grey double doors. Turn around, exit the doors, and go to the left to Gate C. Enter through Gate C and turn right. Take the safe code from the box on the ground and use the Inhibitor to open the safe. Return to Terminal C, detach the wire, and leap down to Terminal 1 at the turbine on the ground floor to connect it to the Inhibitor.

  • Return to Gate C and pick up the green Terminal 2 cable. Re-enter the gate and descend to the first floor. Enter the Engine Room by descending the stairs. Turn right at the bottom to see red Terminal 2 on the far wall.

  • When you connect this cable, the water will get electrified. To find an exposed air duct shaft on the far wall, look right from the Terminal 2 platform. Climb up from the platform over there.

  • Turn left after approximately 15 metres; you can continue straight if you wish to enter a chamber with some tools and other treasures.

  • Exit the shaft and exit the Engine Room on the opposite side. Return to the stairwell on the platform. To get to Terminal 1 on the ground floor, take the elevator in the northeast corner of the Substation. Make your way to the Control Room and engage with the switch there.

  • All you have to do now is turn on the switch and once it is done that’s all. 

Dying Light 2 Garrison Electrical Station Safe Code

You’ll need to be on the Broadcast Story mission in order to get to the safe in Garrison Electrical Station. You’ll be restoring power to the substation as part of the operation, and we’ll be able to make a pit stop to gather some supplies safely. To obtain entry to the safe, simply open door C on the second floor. The hint to the safe’s code can be found in a toolbox on the ground close to the safe. According to the hint, the code is said to be the approximate number of Pi, which is 3.14. When you turn this into a code for the safe, the three numbers you enter will be 3-1-4. By entering the code into the safe, you will receive an Inhibitor, which will allow you to boost your health or stamina. You can unlock new parkour and combat abilities and bonuses by reaching certain levels of health and stamina.

Dying Light 2 Garrison Electrical Station Safe Code: 3-1-4

Dying Light 2 Plot

Set 15 years after the Harran zombie epidemic, protagonist Aiden Caldwall travels to Villedor, the world’s last surviving city, on a quest to find his missing sister, Mia. During his travels, he will come across many warring factions fighting for control of the city. Aiden emerges from a tunnel on the outskirts of Villedor, where he is greeted by Spike and instructed through a tutorial. Before being slaughtered by bandits, he meets a man who gives him a key. Aiden is then pursued by zombies, narrowly escaping with his life before being nearly hanged for not possessing a biomarker, a device that tracks infection progression. He was instructed to retrieve a biomarket from a GRE hospital after being rescued by an ex-nightrunner Hakon.

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