Dying Light 2 Survivor Sense Not Working PC, How To Fix Dying Light 2 Survivor Sense Not Working PC Issue?


Dying Light 2

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Dying Light 2 Survivor Sense Not Working PC

Some players have reported that Survivor Sense does not work while in the air and that you must be on the ground for it to function. Crouching a few times or walking around before pressing the Survivor Sense button appears to work. Using your weapon or blocking and then using Survivor Sense also caused the mechanic to function normally. If you’re using a controller, wiggle your analog stick for a few seconds to see if that helps. Going in and out of the Main Menu or Inventory helped some players get around the problem. Toggling around the weapon wheel or changing items on it helped disable the Survivor Sense bug.

Rename the button that activates Survivor Sense. Join another player’s server before attempting to use Survivor Sense. Holding down or tapping the survivor sense button a few times fixes the bug. Change the controller. Try using the new controller’s Survivor Sense button if you have one. Playing Dying Light 2 in full-screen mode rather than borderless window mode appears to help some players with bugs. Turning on and off the Flashlight can sometimes help resolve the Survivor Sense bug. As is customary, restarting or uninstalling and reinstalling Dying Light 2 and then restarting and playing the game helped to resolve the issue.

Dying Light 2 Survivor Sense Not Working

For many players, the inability of the Dying Light 2 survivor sense to function is causing problems and preventing them from doing certain things. The survivor sense is an echolocation-like ability in Dying Light 2 that you can use to highlight nearby loot, tracks to follow, and enemies. Many aspects of the game are built around it, so it can be disastrous when it stops working correctly, but there are some solutions. So, if the Dying Light 2 survivor sense isn’t working for you, here are a few alternatives.

Dying Light 2 How To Fix Survivor Sense Not Working?

Check out our guide on how to Fix Survivor Sense Not Working

  • If you discover that your survivor sense isn’t working as it should, there are a few fixes you can try, and we’ll start with the ones you can do in-game. To begin with, enemies can sometimes prevent you from using it if you are technically in combat, so make sure you are clear of any opponents who have annoyed you. This is an inconsistent method, as it still works in combat at times, but it’s worth a shot.

  • Using your menus is another quick way to solve the problem. Pause the game or go into the inventory menus for a few seconds, and it may work.

  • This is because items and lootable equipment occasionally do not load or render correctly, and with such a large world, it takes some tinkering to fix.

  • Walking in circles or dashing around the nearby area can also help if items aren’t correctly loaded in, as it prompts items to spawn in.

  • Also, sometimes the survivor sense isn’t broken and requires you to press the button a few times before it works usually. If none of the preceding methods work, you may need to resort to drastic measures such as reloading your save or restarting the game entirely. It’s the last resort, and it’s not the type of fix you’ll want to use when you’re having fun with your gaming, but it’s there if you need it.

  • That concludes our primer on how to fix your Dying Light 2 survivor sense not working, and you now have a few options to ensure it doesn’t break on you in the middle of a game.

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Dying Light 2 is now available for the PlayStation 4 and 5, the Xbox One and Series S/X, and the PC. Later this year, a Nintendo Switch port will be released.


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