Elden Ring: How To Find The Icon Shield For Health Regeneration?

Welcome to our guide of “Elden Ring: Finding The Medallion For Using The Grand Lift Of Dectus”. The Elden Ring’s “Grand Lift of Dectus” requires a unique Medallion, which will cause an actual ascent to the Altus Plateau, the gods’ realm. Where are the Dectus Medallion parts, and is there a simpler path up? There’s no simple route upward Altus but we know of two, so you may choose your battles. Here’s how to earn the “Grand Lift of Dectus Medallion”.

Elden Ring: Finding The Medallion For Using The Grand Lift Of Dectus

Using the Grand Lift of Dectus with the Medallion halves

To climb the Grand Lift of Dectus in the northern tip of Liurnia, players will require two Dectus Medallion halves, which aren’t easy to find once you realize where they are. The Dectus Medallion’s left half located in Fort Haight, on the southeast coast of Limgrave, beneath the Mistwood. It’s a little fort with a few adversaries and rooms prior to actually finding a chest half-filled with the Medallion.
The right part of a Dectus Medallion is in Fort Faroth, a less pleasant fortress east of Sellia & south side of the Minor Erdtree. It’s not much larger than that of Fort Haight, but the adversaries are poisonous bat-like harpies. You can battle them, but it’s probably better to just go to the ladder and climb up to acquire the Dectus Medallion. Return at the Grand Lift of Dectus, then enter in front of the sculptures. On “Hoist Medallion”, a cinematic where your character brings both parts together and initiates the lift will start. You may do this from either the Plateau or Liurnia!

Getting to Altus Plateau without the Grand Lift of Dectus

If you want a different route up, gamers should descend to Liurnia water level & climb the Ravine directly north of the lift, aiming for the cave opening at the far end depicted on the map. The Ravine-Veiled Village is a rather huge mine dungeon rising up the Plateau’s slope.
Be warned: while there are a variety of treasures to be discovered in this, it’s also a relatively difficult climb, with 2 bosses, a beast named Magma Wyrm Makar which gamers must defeat to escape out of the other end and an incredibly difficult dragon named Lansseux waiting for you when you exit the dungeon. Thankfully, you won’t have to battle Lansseux and may simply ride by him but it’s still a difficult task.

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