ENHYPEN Did A Dance Challenge With Kids—These Are 10 Of The Cutest Moments

In a recent YouTube video with Hello82, ENHYPEN played a game of dance telephone with kids! They showed just how patient and kind they can be.

These are 10 of the cutest moments.

1. Tiny kid hands

Jake and Sunghoon couldn’t help but get on the level of the kids. Jake even commented on how small their hands are!

2. Big dancing skills come in small packages

Ni-ki couldn’t handle how cute the kids were when dancing.


3. The kids’ ability to nail the moves

Throughout the video ENHYPEN was impressed by how accurately the kids were able to copy the dances. Jake even said, “She’s so good. She’s better than me” about the adorable four year old girl Saanvi.


4. Heeseung’s helping hand

Heeseung couldn’t help but try to fix Saanvi’s hand placement when she was struggling with a very difficult move.

She was able to nail it though!

5. Be careful Jake

Jake almost took a tumble when he was admiring how hard the kids were working.

6. Basically a pro

ENHYPEN had nothing but love for 11 year old Chloe, who totally delivered on GOT the beat‘s “Step Back” choreography!

7. Copy and paste

Saanvi kept impressing the group and Sunoo even said, “She’s so good. How does she do it?”

You can totally tell Ni-ki has a younger sister by the way he looks at Saanvi.

8. They didn’t want anyone to feel bad

ENHYPEN made sure to reassure 7 year old Byeori when Sunoo couldn’t figure out which dance he was doing. Ni-ki even put the blame on Sunoo, saying he was bad at the game.

9. This cute little jam

This is probably the cutest thing, ever.

10. Ni-ki melting

Ni-ki was a big softy the entire video and completely melted at Saanvi dancing Jin‘s “Super Tuna.” .

The whole group melted, in fact. To be fair, it was adorable.

You can check out the full video here!

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