Error Code 36 Pokemon Go, How to Fix Error Code 36 Pokemon Go?

What is Error 36 in Pokemon Go?

Error 36 in Pokemon Go is a vexing glitch that disrupts players’ raid participation, often striking during critical events such as the Regidrago Raid. This error manifests as a disheartening message, prominently displaying “Cannot join raid group (36),” which effectively prevents players from seamlessly integrating into raid lobbies.

The consequences of this issue are frustratingly tangible, as players find themselves unable to engage in the cooperative battles that define Pokemon Go’s social experience. Notably, this error specifically targets raid interactions, where players gather to challenge formidable Pokemon together.

As the error code “36” flashes on the screen, it signifies a technical hiccup within the game’s mechanics that thwarts players’ endeavors to contribute to the raid action. Overcoming this barrier requires players to employ strategies like rejoining the raid, slowing down menu navigation, and checking for server outages, all aimed at circumventing the roadblock and restoring the raiding adventure.

Error Code 36 Pokemon Go

Error Code 36 in Pokemon Go is a frequently encountered obstacle that affects players’ ability to participate in raids. This error materializes as a prominent message, “Cannot join raid group (36),” appearing when players attempt to join raid groups, particularly during events like the Regidrago Raid. This issue poses a significant hindrance, preventing players from seamlessly entering raid lobbies and engaging in battles.

The error code, denoted as “36,” signifies a technical glitch within the game’s mechanics that inhibits raid participation. This frustrating phenomenon disrupts the social and collaborative aspects of raid gameplay, frustrating players who are eager to battle and capture Pokemon.

In response, players have sought various strategies, such as leaving and rejoining raid groups, slowing down menu actions, and checking for server outages, to circumvent the impact of Error Code 36. Niantic’s ongoing efforts to enhance game stability are vital for mitigating such disruptions and ensuring a smoother raid experience in the future.




Causes of Error Code 36 Pokemon Go

The causes of Error Code 36 in Pokemon Go are rooted in two primary factors. Firstly, server outages or connectivity problems within the Pokemon Go servers can trigger this error. When the game’s servers experience disruptions or are overloaded, players attempting to join raids may encounter Error Code 36 due to the compromised connection.

Secondly, user actions play a significant role in triggering this error. Players might inadvertently execute incorrect actions while attempting to join raids, causing the game’s mechanics to interpret these actions as incompatible with raid participation. These unintentional missteps can trigger Error Code 36, leading to a frustrating roadblock in players’ attempts to engage in raid activities.

Addressing both server stability issues and promoting awareness among players about proper raid participation procedures is crucial for minimizing the occurrence of Error Code 36 in the Pokemon Go experience.

How to Fix Error Code 36 Pokemon Go?

Here are several effective strategies to fix Error Code 36 and get back into raid action in Pokemon Go.

Clearing the cache and data of the Pokemon Go app can help resolve potential glitches. Go to your device’s settings, find the Pokemon Go app, and clear its cache and data.

Ensure that you have the latest version of Pokemon Go installed on your device. Outdated versions might have compatibility issues that can trigger errors.

Sometimes, device settings or restrictions can interfere with the game’s functionality. Ensure that location services, internet connectivity, and background data usage are enabled for Pokemon Go.

 Switching to a different Wi-Fi network or mobile data connection can sometimes resolve connectivity issues that lead to Error Code 36.

If none of the above solutions work, consider reaching out to Pokemon Go’s customer support. They might be able to provide specific assistance tailored to your situation.

As a last resort, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Pokemon Go app. This can help eliminate any corrupted files or settings that might be causing the error.

Remember, Error Code 36 can stem from various factors, so trying a combination of these fixes or reaching out for professional assistance from Niantic’s support team is advisable if the issue persists.

Pokemon Go Overview


Pokemon Go has taken the mobile gaming world by storm as an augmented reality masterpiece. This immersive game seamlessly blends the real world with the realm of Pokemon, captivating players worldwide. By utilizing the GPS capabilities of mobile devices, players embark on journeys to discover, capture, train, and engage in battles with virtual creatures known as Pokemon. This dynamic gameplay encourages players to venture outdoors, fostering physical activity, teamwork, and exploration.

As players traverse their real-world surroundings, their mobile screens transform into windows to a parallel universe inhabited by these iconic creatures. The thrill of encountering various Pokemon in different locations adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the game. Capturing Pokemon involves strategic use of Poke Balls and requires players to consider factors like the creature’s type and strength.

In addition to capturing Pokemon, players can engage in battles, both at Gyms and with other trainers in Player vs. Player (PvP) combat. Gyms serve as competitive arenas where players’ trained Pokemon face off against those of opposing teams. This aspect encourages cooperation and strategy as players collaborate to conquer Gyms and defend their team’s honor.

Moreover, the game promotes exploration of landmarks, parks, and other points of interest, as these often serve as PokeStops or Gyms. These locations are essential for collecting items and participating in challenges. Events, updates, and new Pokemon releases keep the gameplay fresh, ensuring continued engagement and excitement for players.

Pokemon Go Gameplay

Pokemon Go offers an immersive gameplay experience that seamlessly merges the virtual world of Pokemon with players’ real-world surroundings. As players launch the game, they create personalized avatars that mirror their real-life appearance, forming a bridge between the digital realm and reality. These avatars navigate the in-game map using the GPS feature of their mobile devices, allowing them to explore their neighborhoods, cities, and beyond.

The central pillar of the gameplay revolves around capturing wild Pokemon. As players move around, various types of Pokemon appear on the map based on their geographical location and time of day. By tapping on a Pokemon, players initiate a capture encounter where they throw Poke Balls to capture the creature. Factors like the type of Poke Ball used, the timing of the throw, and the Pokemon’s combat power influence the success of the capture.

Beyond capturing Pokemon, players can engage in a variety of activities that enrich the gameplay. Gyms, prominent locations in the game’s map, serve as hubs for battling and team-based competitions. Players can challenge rival teams’ Pokemon stationed at Gyms and aim to claim victory for their own team. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and competition among players, as they work collectively to dominate Gym control.

The introduction of raids adds a cooperative multiplayer aspect to the game. Players can come together to battle powerful and rare Pokemon known as Raid Bosses. These battles often require teamwork and strategy to defeat the Raid Boss and have a chance to capture it. Additionally, the emergence of Mega Evolutions allows players to temporarily boost the power of their Pokemon during battles, enhancing the depth of combat.

Furthermore, Pokemon Go encourages social interactions through player vs. player battles. Trainers can challenge friends and other players to duels, showcasing their Pokemon’s strength and strategy. The availability of events, special challenges, and limited-time Pokemon releases ensures that the gameplay remains dynamic and engaging.


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