Each Pocket Monster Trainers Truly Eat

The Pokémon world is a utopia the place nobody needs for meals or water, however that hasn’t stopped some people from chomping down on their Pokémon buddies.

The Pokémon franchise is about in a utopia, the place individuals by no means starve, nor undergo from illness, and everyone seems to be pleasant, exterior of some cartoonish villain teams, however that hasn’t prevented some people from chowing down on their Pokémon companions. People will typically seize Pokémon and use them as allies, both in battle or of their day-to-day life, and so they develop a familial bond. This has raised the query of whether or not people can eat Pokémon and if there are conditions the place it has occurred prior to now. There have been Pokémon meals crossovers launched in real-life, however would a Pokémon coach ever deliver themselves to eat their beloved Pikachu?


The mainline Pokémon video video games are turn-based RPGs with a monster gathering gimmick. As such, the primary character’s food plan hardly ever comes up, as they are not those chugging potions in battle. It is established that Pokémon have their very own meals, a few of which can be utilized as gadgets in battle. The Pokédex entries additionally check with predator and prey relationships between numerous Pokémon, similar to Durant being eaten by Heatmor, however that is hardly ever proven on display. A Cramorant would possibly unintentionally get a Pikachu caught in its gullet sometimes, and a Pidgey would possibly fly off with a Magikarp (which Pokémon cannot cease being imply to) to have for its dinner, however the collection would not dwell on the Pokémon meals chain.

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The query of people consuming Pokémon isn’t addressed within the collection, despite the fact that meat merchandise do exist. The Pokémon curry launched in Pokémon Sword and Protect can embrace meat elements and it is by no means defined the place they arrive from. There are some Pokémon that do present meals, similar to Miltank milk, however the prospect of a human taking a butcher’s knife to a Pokémon to be able to harvest it for meat is one thing that may by no means be proven onscreen. Regardless of this, there have been references to people consuming Pokémon, but it surely’s typically described as one thing that occurred prior to now and is now not practiced.

Sharpedo Has Been Turned Into Pokémon Soup

The Pokémon franchise will often characteristic references to real-life ecological crises, similar to Galarian Cursola from Pokémon Sword and Protect referencing coral bleaching. Sharpedo has some of the direct references to a disaster in its Pokédex entry in Pokémon Moon, the place it is talked about that Sharpedo was a sufferer of overfishing prior to now. In keeping with the Pokédex entry, Sharpedo have been prized as meals for his or her dorsal fins, main them to being overfished and doubtlessly dropped at the sting of extinction.

That is known as one thing that occurred prior to now, so it is doubtless that measures have been taken to cease Sharpedo from being hunted. The plight of the Sharpedo references the real-life act of shark finning, the place a shark is fished out of the water, has its fin eliminated and has its physique returned, because it’s simpler to move the fin by itself. The observe of shark finning is banned by numerous international locations however continues to be practiced all over the world.

Slowpoke Tails Are A Crew Rocket Favourite Pokémon Meals

The opposite entries on this checklist characteristic references from the Pokémon anime and the assorted Pokédex entries from the Pokémon video games. The poor Slowpoke in Johto are the one Pokémon which have a plot related to their edible nature. In Pokémon Gold and Silver, Crew Rocket members have been severing the tails of assorted Slowpoke, to be able to promote them as meals. The participant character should foil this plan and the Slowpoke are left in peace after Crew Rocket are chased away.

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There are different references to Slowpoke tails getting used as meals in later video games within the collection, and Slowpoke’s Pokémon Solar Pokédex entry mentions that the tails can naturally fall off and can develop again over time, taking a number of the horror aspect out of people chopping off the tails themselves. The people and Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Protect can nonetheless munch on a Slowpoke tail to today, as they’re potential ingredient for Pokémon curry.

Farfetch’d Have Been Hunted For Meals (In The Pokémon Anime)

In Pokémon Red & Blue, Farfetch'd was one of a kind.

It is laborious to assume {that a} well-liked Pokémon like Farfetch’d can be eaten, but it surely’s one thing that has been hinted at quite a few occasions all through the collection. The assorted Pokédex entries for Farfetch’d have made some not-so-subtle references to the rationale why they’ve turn out to be uncommon, however the Pokémon anime simply got here out and mentioned it. Within the episode referred to as “So Close to, But So Farfetch’d”, Ash’s Pokédex tells him that Farfetch’d make a scrumptious meal, particularly when cooked with a leak, which is why it is nearly extinct. Most Pokémon do not prepare dinner their meals, which leaves one different offender for cooking Farfetch’d stew.

Basculin Was Eaten In Olden Occasions In Pokémon’s Historical past

Basculin Pokemon

There are lots of references to fish Pokémon being tasty within the Pokédex, however these are stored pretty delicate and it is by no means outright acknowledged that it is as a result of people have been consuming them, save for Sharpedo’s fins. The Pokédex entries are sometimes apocryphal, so the references to Pokémon being tasty may simply be delusion or rumour. The red-striped Basculin’s Pokédex entry in Pokémon Protect is extra direct, because it states that these Pokémon typically appeared on the dinner desk in ages previous and have been favored by younger individuals. The Pokémon Sword Pokédex entry for blue-striped Basculin mentions that they was once a standard meals supply. At the very least these Pokédex entries declare that Basculin have been eaten prior to now and are not devoured anymore.

Polteageist Will Let Trusted Pokémon Trainers Drink Its Tea

pokemon sword and shield sinistea polteageist

It will make sense for Ghost-type Pokémon to keep away from this checklist, as they’re meant to be incorporeal and do not even have a physique to feast upon. Pokémon Sword and Protect launched a Ghost-type that could possibly be consumed, however as a liquid, fairly than a stable. Anybody who manages to seize a Sinistea Pokémon and evolve it into Polteageist will quickly be slurping on some scrumptious tea, not less than in accordance with the Pokédex. In keeping with the Pokémon Sword Pokédex, a Polteageist will permit a coach it trusts to style the tea it produces. The opposite Pokédex entries verify that Polteageist is simply tea that turned haunted, which signifies that a great Pokémon coach will be capable to style the scrumptious undead liquid.

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