Fans Are Surprised After BTS Taehyung’s Latest Weight Update

Kim Taehyung recently traveled to Paris and after spending four days there, he’s returning to South Korea today. Taehyung was seen leaving Paris at the Charles de Gaulle airport on November 20 at KST. There are numerous unverified reports circulating regarding his itinerary in Paris, but there has been no official statement.

Wearing a black leather jacket, an orange-printed shirt, blue pants, and a grey scarf, Taehyung was spotted looking effortlessly gorgeous. Dark sunglasses and headphones completed his relaxed rock star look.

For the first time in four days since landing in Paris, Taehyung updated his followers a few hours ago. On his Instagram stories, he posted a number of images and videos. He was seen at the airport wearing the same clothing that he did in one of his uploaded photos.

One particular update that caught the fans attention was V’s weight, which he revealed in one of his Insta stories.

V, one of the BTS members, acknowledged that he does not enjoy exercising all that much. Although he simply devotes a small amount of time to maintaining his physique and developing his muscles, he claimed that his food routine largely accomplishes this.


BTS V currently weighs 63.4 kg, according to the image, which has since been shared on several social media networks. V himself embellished the number with a gif of a man giving the thumbs up.

Fans expressed their alarm right away because the number indicates that he is underweight for his height and age. Additionally, they advised him to cease losing weight because, in their opinion, he has nothing to lose.

While others defended V and urged everyone to refrain from making weight-related remarks. They continued by saying that they should allow V to do everything that would simultaneously make him feel secure and at ease.

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