Fans Call For The Return Of WayV’s Ten To South Korea

Fans have been upset and calling for the return of WayV‘s Ten to South Korea. Ten left the country around September 2021 and was rumored to return by November 2021. However, months flew by and he has been in China up to mid-February 2022.

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According to well-informed fans, his company had scheduled him for events in China in both September 2021 and February 2022. Even with quarantine involved on both ends, fans feel that Ten does not need to be overseas for such a long period of time. A fan spoke up about the matter on an online community.

Even with quarantine, they left him in China for a long time between November and February. SM Entertainment has never told us what he was doing there or when he plans to return. He’s not with the other members now and the staff that was in-charge of him and followed him there at first has all left too. He doesn’t have friends or family there either. He sent a long apology on Bubble in January and he seemed to be homesick.

— Fan

Much as the post mentioned, Ten had come to Dear. U Bubble to talk to fans in mid-January. It was his first message in a while. He expressed having felt weird but also reassured fans that he was now okay.



Many are calling for news about Ten as they express that the matter was truly a pity. Given Ten’s talent and star power, he should be promoting rather than stuck overseas. Fans also voiced out that they should have sent him home to rest instead if they had no plans for him in South Korea.

  • “Ten’s such a pity… Sigh. He was popular since trainee days… But he’s always having a hiatus.”
  • [reply to other comment]
  • “They left him in China? I wondered why there was no news about him but they just left him there?? Is SM crazy?”
  • “Ten is so talented though.”
  • “I thought his case was like WinWin‘s but now that I know, it’s a pity… Can’t they promote him in NCT U?”
  • “If I was a fan I’d be raging.”

Currently, most of the other WayV members are in South Korea. WinWin is currently in China as well for acting activities.


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