Fans Ecstatic As Kim Taehyung Earns A Solo Daesang MAMA Nomination Without Solo Debut

Kim Taehyung, AKA V of the popular boy group BTS, has secured a solo nomination at the most prestigious Korean music award function – MAMA – in a main or major category. Taehyung achieved this feat with his OST for the Korean drama titled Our Beloved Summer. The song – Christmas Tree – has earned two nominations at this year’s MAMAs or Mnet Asian Music Awards. The OST has been nominated under the following categories: Best OST & Song of The Year (DAESANG). A daesang is a pretty big deal in K-pop. It is the highest honor a Korean artist can earn at a Korean award show. It is also known as the Grand Prize.

The daesang nomination for Taehyung is extra special because the vocalist is yet to make an official debut as a solo artist or release a studio album. The singer has only released three OSTs on his Spotify profile and was still able to amass 10 million followers, to become one of the most followed Korean acts on the platform.

Ever since its release, Christmas Tree has witnessed great success. It was the first Korean OST to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song has collected 175 million streams on Spotify so far.

Fans Reaction:

“Congratulations Taehyung” quickly started to trend as the news of the nominations was announced. Fans took to social media to react to the news and express their happiness:

“Taehyung got nominated for BEST OST and SONG OF THE YEAR, A DAESANG! wbk Christmas tree is the best ost and song of the year, the first k-ost to chart on billboard. so proud of taehyung!”


“Christmas tree first k-ost to debut on bbhot100, longest charting k-ost on global spotify and k-spotify, got so many nominations, won melon popularity award, and longest charting ost on kcharts (by bts members) taehyung really made a masterpiece”

taehyung is insane having a daesang nomination … no official solo debut, no album, no collab, JUST AN OST SPEAK TO HIM NICELY!”

“christmas tree, i knew you would bag these nominations that you deserve. for now, it’s our job to bag you & taehyung both wins.”

taehyung always gets achievements and nominations with his SOLO songs. every credit as a singer goes to him & him only; every praise as a musician goes to him & him only; every record as an artist goes to him & him only. this is what i call being successful as a SOLOist”

“Wait a goddamn moment!! Christmas tree nominated for song of the year!!!!!! Taehyung has a deasang nomination without a solo debut!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!”

“a solo ost with zero promo released during the toughest charting time of the year not only debuted on BB hot100 but also bagged two MAMA nominations with one being a daesang. kim taehyung you’ll always be the most successful.”

Taehyung is expected to continue making-breaking new records and reach new heights of success as he makes his official solo debut in the coming months.

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