Fans React To Run BTS TikTok Challenge As Explosion Of Trend Leaves Them Confused

The three new songs that have been released as part of BTS’ anthology album, Proof, there is already a fan-favorite. This song is called Run BTS and the choreography was recently done by the K-Pop band at a concert in Busan. Fans were extremely thrilled as they thought the song did deserve a live performance.

After that, a practice video of the HYBE group was released along with the energetic choreography. This was followed by various TikToks of the idols dancing to the chorus. One such TikTok showcased the seven members dancing together and another had the dance leader, J-Hope showing off his moves.

Even SUGA and Jimin were attempting the choreography in a TikTok as they hyped each other up. Meanwhile, Jungkook and V promoted the new song on their Instagram handles. But right after BTS put up their versions of the challenge, many others chimed in and attempted the choreography.

You name it, from LE SSERAFIM to Tomorrow x Together’s Yeonjun, the majority of the HYBE artists jumped on the trend. Hoshi from Seventeen caught our attention first as he is known for his smooth dance moves. He started alone but was joined by other dancers during the chorus.

Fans of BTS and Seventeen were both thrilled with this as they could not contain their excitement. To thank him for supporting the song and the band, RM shared a story that promoted Seventeen’s Darl+ing and J-Hope liked the reel.


Others who took part in the trend include the rookie group LE SSERAFIM, Enhypen’s Jungwon and Ni-ki, NewJeans’ Minji and Haerin, fromis_9’s Lee Seo-yeon, and Tomorrow x Together’s Yeonjun. RM promoted the songs of all the people who took part in the challenge.

K-pop fans found it difficult to enact the original choreography; and picked up Jungkook just vibing on the song as a challenge. The explosion of Run BTS TikToks has all fans wondering if there is something behind this. Some of the theories include a potential HYBE collaboration along with all the groups; or a possible music video for the song.

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