Fans Think ENHYPEN’s Jay Would Make A Perfect Variety Show Host And Here’s Why

Recently, ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon and Jay appeared on Mnet‘s I Can See Your Voice.

I Can See Your Voice is a popular show that invites six people to perform in front of the guest panelists who attempt to eliminate “bad singers” from the six without ever hearing them sing.

ENHYPEN’s Jay (left) and Jungwon (right) | Mnet TV/YouTube 

As guest panelists, Jungwon and Jay were invited to try lipsyncing to a song, just as the six contestants on the show would later try.

| Mnet TV/YouTube 

| Mnet TV/YouTube 


The two idols pulled off a flawless lipsync performance, truly committing to the act and playing up gestures to make it entertaining to watch.


| Mnet TV/YouTube 

But aside from their entertaining performance and fans’ satisfaction with the way ENHYPEN is being promoted, fans made Jay specifically go viral for his appearance on the show.

Fans really loved the idol’s styling and his natural charisma and energy.

They particularly loved one specific reaction Jay had to a contestant.

Thinking it was simultaneously cool.

And absolutely adorable.

Pointing out that even though the lighting wasn’t ideal, the idol was still shining.

They also were in awe of the idol simply drinking water.

Paying attention to the show.

Blessing fans with his eye smile.

And even simply vibing to music.

But aside from simply his visuals, Jay’s appearance on I Can See Your Voice left fans realizing how incredible a fit he would be for more variety shows.

Not only were Jay and Jungwon incredibly entertaining during their lipsyncing.

But he also was incredibly helpful during the show, noticing small details about the contestants’ behaviors to help the panelists figure out the truth.

Fans understandably hope that Jay will be offered many more opportunities to appear on variety shows.

Since he is incredibly well suited to being an entertainer.

But most importantly, fans are simply glad that Jay and Jungwon both seemed to have a great time on the show.

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