Fellow Sugar Members Hwang Jung Eum And Yook Hye Seung + Celebrity Friends Share Beautiful Photos From Ayumi’s Special Wedding Day

Ayumi, a former member of the girl group Sugar, has gotten married, and all of her closest friends were eager to share photos from the special day!

Fellow Sugar member Hwang Jung Eum took to Instagram to share pictures of her and Ayumi together. Her caption reads, “My Ayumi~You were so beautiful. Many many congratulations.”

Actress Jeon Hye Bin posted some photos of her own with Ayumi as well as Jewelry’s Park Jung Ah, captioning them with, “This feels like giving my own daughter away. I can’t believe that my baby Ayumi found her other half and is this beautiful. Congratulations. Your mother is crying. Let’s be happy.” Ayumi replied sweetly, “Unnie, thank you so so much. I love you.”

Another fellow Sugar member Yook Hye Seung also posted photos with her members. “Ayumi, your wedding was so beautiful, and you looked happy. Congratulations. I love you. Farewell……” She also expressed her wishes for the future, adding, “Every time there’s a wedding, the four Sugar members aren’t able to all get together. When I get married, please let all four of us get together.”

Stylist Kim Woo Ri was yet another person to post photos from the memorable event, wishing Ayumi a happy marriage and congratulating her on finally joining the “married club.”


Congratulations to Ayumi and her husband!

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