Female Korean Figure Skater Goes Viral For Her Absolute Duality On And Off The Ice

Korean figure skaters have been making waves recently. While fellow Olympian Cha Jun Hwan made headlines for entering the Top 5 figure skaters globally during the Olympics as well as for his dashing good looks, female skater Kim Ye Rim has been the hot topic lately.

| @yelimkim0123/Instagram

She finished her round at the female opens for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and made it into 9th place. While she did stunningly, what caught the eye of the public was her reverse charms!

Kim Ye Rim wore a mint dress that reminded everyone of Elsa from Frozen and executed all her jumps to perfection.

But as soon as she took her bow, she transformed into a total easygoing babe! The media soon dubbed her with the nickname “Figure Skating General“.



That’s a play on the usual nicknames “figure skating princess” and “prince“. Even after her free skate, she walked off the ice with swag.

People have compared her to OH MY GIRL on the ice…

…but MONSTA X off it.

She soon went viral for her simple and easygoing personality.

  • “Her acting (on ice) is endlessly graceful but in interviews she’s simple and honest as a sportsman should be. I’m cheering her on!”
  • “No but she’s so pretty and the outfit was so delicate and in a bright color so she looked like a fairy but the way she staggered out of the ice with a tough expression was so cool. Reverse charms indeed.”
  • “The video editing was fun thanks to the editor that caught on to Ye Rim’s cool-pretty.”
  • “I always thought she was like a ballerina and like a graceful athlete but to think she has such reverse charms?? Her smile throughout the performance was so pretty and innocent but after she bowed gracefully she suddenly changed into MONSTA X and swaggered off LOL. Seems like I wasn’t the only one who was like, huh? The difference is killing me and this made me smile.”
  • “Really she bowed so gracefully but when she walked off it was chic and easygoing as she staggered off. Such reverse charms.”

Seems like she’s sweeping all the fans with her graceful skills and easygoing personality! Catch the full video of her charms below.

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