FF7 Turns into The Good Sailor Moon Recreation With Magical Mod

A brand new mod for Last Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PC has turned it into Sailor Moon, with new costumes and weapons for Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa.

The newest Last Fantasy VII Remake mod will someway make the sport much more like anime than it already is, because it provides costumes from Sailor Moon for 3 of the primary characters. The PC model of FF7 Remake has been extremely common with modders since launch, with modifications starting from bringing FF7 digicam angles to FF7 Remake, to numerous costumes and haircuts for the leads.

The visuals in FF7 Remake are gorgeous and it is clear {that a} ton of labor was spent on updating and bettering the design of the primary characters. The trio of Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa have been particularly well-received by a brand new era of players, because the expanded Midgar part of the sport gave the writers extra time to flesh out their relationship than that they had with the unique sport. These parts mixed have led to quite a few outfit mods for the FF7 Remake solid, with some followers desirous to revive their authentic seems from FF7, give them their outfits from totally different factors within the Compilation of FF7 collection, and even model new outfits altogether, like turning Cloud into Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.


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Probably the most spectacular new FF7 Remake mods combines the sport with one of the common anime franchises of all time. A brand new FF7 Remake mod uploaded to Nexus Mods by juijub has introduced outfits from Sailor Moon into FF7 Remake. The outfits exchange the clothes worn by Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa, although Barret is omitted, as are the INTERmission DLC characters, so followers anticipating Yuffie to put on a Sailor Mercury outfit shall be left dissatisfied.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mod Aerith Sailor Moon

The “Sailor Moon Outfits for Cloud Aerith And Tifa” mod replaces Cloud’s outfit with Tuxedo Masks’s costume, clothes Tifa up like Sailor Mars, and Aerith like Sailor Moon. Aerith and Tifa are additionally sporting new haircuts for his or her Sailor Scout costumes. The mod additionally provides new weapons to FF7 Remake (although it does not give Cloud a keytar sword), with Cloud’s Buster Sword being changed by the Holy Sword and Aerith’s Arcane Scepter being changed by the Everlasting Tiare, which is without doubt one of the weapons wielded by Sailor Moon. The Holy Sword mannequin is predicated on one extracted from FF15.

There have been some unimaginable mods launched for FF7 Remake, however the Sailor Moon outfits are a brand new degree of high quality. The mods for the sport began small, with hair recolors and placing Cloud in his gown throughout the sport, however the brand new garments and weapons which were added to FF7 Remake are attractive, and the characters look so good that they will encourage a replay on visuals alone. The time is nigh for FF7 Remake Half 2 to be revealed, and when it lastly launches, it would usher in a brand new age of dress-up for Cloud and the remainder of the Last Fantasy VII Remake solid.

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