FIFTY FIFTY Takes Legal Action against ATTRAKT after Contract Violations

The issue between the disappearance of FIFTY FIFTY and their agency ATTRAKT has become more intense and complicated. Apparently, the matter involves not only the members’ poor health conditions and external forces but also contract breaches. And now, it’s time for FIFTY FIFTY to take the matter to legal action.

FIFTY FIFTY Take Legal Action against ATTRAKT

On June 28, FIFTY FIFTY members issued an official statement concerning their exclusive contract with ATTRAKT through their legal representative. The legal representative law firm, BARUN, stated that the four members filed for provisional disposition, suspending the validity of their exclusive contracts on June 19.

The decision has been thoroughly discussed as they pointed out several issues that ATTRAKT violated the contract terms and took actions that severely damaged the trust-based relationship.

ATTRAKT violates the contract and discredit the members

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Previously, ATTRAKT released a statement explaining that the group couldn’t do any promotion despite their rising popularity due to the poor health condition of one of the members. The agency said that the member underwent surgery and needed time to recover. Reportedly, ATTRAKT released the statement without obtaining consent from the member.

Furthermore, besides releasing a statement without consulting the members, ATTRAKT also intended to take legal action against Warner Music Korea, alleging that the company approached the group to induce contract breaches. However, Warner Music Korea stated that ATTRAKT’s claims have no basis.


“First, as FIFTY FIFTY’s overseas distributor, Warner Music Korea has been working [with FIFY FIFTY] since April 1, 2023. Since signing the contract, we have done our best to make the dazzling achievements of FIFTY FIFTY and their agency shine even brighter by mobilizing Warner Music Group’s abilities and network, so we are very sorry that such unfortunate suspicions were raised.


Warner Music Korea has done its best as a global distributor until now while respecting the opinions of the artists and artists’ agency, and we take pride in that this is demonstrated by various achievements.

ATTRAKT’s claims are groundless, and we are regretful that they have sent [us] a certification of contents.

We sincerely ask you to refrain from spreading unconfirmed rumors as well as baseless and speculative reports in the future.”

Warner Music Korea

Complete statement of FIFTY FIFTY through their representative legal law firm

“This is an announcement from law firm BARUN, the legal representative of FIFTY FIFTY’s Saena, Keena, Aran, and Sio.

Through their legal representative, the four members filed an application for provisional disposition suspending the validity of their exclusive contracts to the Seoul Central District Court on June 19, and the trial is currently underway. This is due to the fact that ATTRAKT violated contract terms and took actions that resulted in the destruction of a relationship based on trust.

The members have not responded as the trial is underway. The legal representative pointed out several problems that have occurred until now and sent a correspondence requesting correction, but ATTRAKT is discrediting the members through continuous media coverage without attempting to explain regarding the requests, so we released this statement.

Despite being young, the four members have tried their best to think and behave independently. After sufficient discussion with our parents, we came to raise the issue with the help of our legal representative. Nevertheless, ATTRAKT is not listening to the voices of the members, saying that it was an attempt to extort the members by an external force and arbitrarily disclosing the reason for a member’s surgery without consulting with her while they are unable to explain their breach of the contract clearly. The members were highly disappointed and frustrated seeing this situation.

The members raised issues about various circumstances in which ATTRAKT did not fulfill contractual obligations, such as non-transparent settlement and the unilateral attempt to enforce [scheduled activities] despite [the members] conveying their poor health conditions. We would like to clarify that this is an independent decision by the four members in unison without any intervention from a third party.

The members are well aware of how important this period is and are aware of the concern of many people around them. When we first started training, we were determined to become artists who could make a positive influence. We, the four members, did not go along with or maintain silence about wrongdoings. Without any false intentions or external pressures, we made this decision just to take the high road of our own.

We request that ATTRAKT refrains from defaming the FIFTY FIFTY members in the future, at least going forward.

The four members simply wish to return to their supportive fans as soon as possible. Even after this, we promise that we will become more independent and diligent artists.

Thank you.”

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